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Location: Bournemouth, England
Purpose: Waste management

When Tamir is taken hostage by Spiro, Connor is told to meet Jon at a Dumpsite.

Notable Visitors


Rendezvous, Part 1

After kidnapping Tamir, Spiro leaves a note for Connor to come to the dumpsite at 8.

Connor arrives at the dumpsite with Minerva, Rosie and Embry and demands that Spiro hands over Tamir, but they are decieved and Spiro reveals that Tamir was just a way to get to them, to gain his revenge and orders them to be shot. Alves is among the gangsters who open fire on the four.

Rendezvous, Part 2

To the immense suprise of two parties at the dumpsite, the bullets are halted in midair between Spiro with his entourage and Connor along with Minerva, Embry and Rosie. However to the gangs immense relief Ed reveals himself, but as he approaches the gang Spiro's entourage begin to fire again, Ed sighs and launches the bullets back at them in a brutal reprisal.

He reunites with the gang whilst Minerva uses her ability to create a wall of rock at the entrance to the dumpsite, preventing anyone from exiting, which Spiro is unable to avoid resulting in a large explosion and his death. Connor and Rosie rush up to the other jeep demanding to be taken to Tamir.

L Visions of Earth
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