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Rendezvous, Part 1
Volume: One
Episode Number: 107
First aired: July, 2010
Gang of four.jpg
Written by: Danko
Directed by: Danko
Previous episode: Acquaintances
Next episode: Rendezvous, Part 2



Connor's house · Dumpsite


Alves, stepped out of the jeep. Double checking he carried all necessary firearms the opened the passenger door and Jon Spiro climbed out. He nodded silently to move as the pair turned to look at the house across the road.

Back at Ed's home, Minerva had finished explaining the traumatic events to Ed, who nodded with tacit sorrow.

"Were Rosie and Connor the pair with you at, err, my house". Ed looked down feeling slightly guilty at his less than warm welcome two weeks previous.

Minerva nodded and as she opened her mouth, heard a beep from her pocket.

"Oh I've got a text from Rosie." She looked down before giving the device a bemused look. "She wants us to meet where?" Ed looked in inquisitvely.

10 minutes earlier Connor and Rosie landed on the outskirts of a grassy park, they both breathed a sigh of relief "How did he find us?" Roise collapsed into Connor’s arms. "What are we going to do?"

"I don’t know."

"We need help. What about your step-dad, you said he could do something?"

"Paint the future, yeah. Alright" Connor made up his mind, "my house." he muttered hopefully. Rosie frowned but held Connor and the pair rose above the ground.

"Wait", Connor muttered and they landed softly from barely a foot in the air. "No one's going to know where I live are they?"

Rosie shrugged and then sighed before walking to a nearby bench.

As the pair sat down the ground beneath them rumbled and shook.

"What the hell was that?!" exclaimed Rosie

"I don't know, but I doubt it was an earthquake" replied Connor, "It could be, and I mean this seriously, maybe it was someone with the same power as Minerva!"

"I guess" said Rosie, who scanned the park around them suddenly noticing Leckie sat across from them staring at them, "Connor! Look! Its that man again! We need to go, I'm taking us back to your house".

With that the pair shot into the air before Connor could respond.

Minutes later the pair arrived but straight away Connor knew there was something wrong. The front door had been forced and inside ornaments smashed, he gulped as he took in the tormenting situation. Someone had been taken, against their will. Connor looked longingly and desperately at the scene 'what had he done wrong?' he thought to himself.

"Connor, Connor. Look at this." He ran over to find Rosie with a note in her hand, 'If you want to see the old man go to the dump at 8, tell anyone and he dies'. As Rosie reached for her phone, Connor shook and collapsed back onto a chair, replete with anxiety and dread.

The dumpsite was always an unpleasant and daunting place to go, made worse when you have to negotiate with gangsters at night. Connor, Rosie, Embry and Minerva arrived apprehensiously, their chances of a propitious deal were as bleak as the night sky.

"Right", Connor muttered. "We can’t risk trying anything when they’ve got Tamir. Just leave the negotiating to me, I don’t know what we can offer but..."

He was interrupted by the sound of tyres. The four turned to see two black jeeps racing into the dumpsite compound. Men in black suits filed out of the vehicles, each of them held the distinctive shape of a gun. Connor glowered as a thin man, obviously in charge. He walked towards the youths, an armed entourage following.

Alves grinned as he stood behind Spiro, these kids were about to be taught what happens to people that deal with Jon Spiro. One of the boys stepped forward bravely as the gangsters fanned out, keeping their eyes on any attempts to fight and ‘move the ground’, according to Alves.

The boy spoke "Where’s Tamir?", he was cogent and altruistic, but Spiro replied, "I know you're children but you've caused me a great deal of inconvenience and people who get in my way, well, are dealt with."

"Where’s Tamir?" Connor repeated.

"I'd be more concerned about your health than his. We don’t want that old thing, but you, we have a little score to settle." The four exchanges glances as a smiling Spiro nodded to his guards who stepped forward, raised their guns and fired.


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