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Chapter Title Released Story by Art by Digital Inks by Colors by Lettering by Produced by
{{{chapter}}} [[|]] {{{releasedate}}} {{{storyby}}} {{{artby}}} Comicraft Aspen MLT Inc.
Interactive, PDF, Thumbnails: Large, Small, Pages: , Small: on {{{easteregg}}} {{{desc}}}


Produces formatted rows for User:Level/List of graphic novels.

|chapter=<!--GN's two-digit chapter number-->
|title= <!-- OPTIONAL Issue title, added automatically by |chapter= -->
|subtitle= <!-- OPTIONAL Issue subtitle -->
|releasedate = <!-- Release date -->
|storyby = <!-- Issue's story writer(s) -->
|artby = <!-- Issue's artist--> 
|inksby = <!--Issue's digital inker-->
|colorsby = <!--Issue's colorist-->
|producedby = <!--OPTIONAL Issue's producer, replaces default [[Aspen Comics|Aspen MLT Comics]], =no if no producer -->
|easteregg = <!-- Link to hidden easter egg -->
|desc=<!--GN description-->
|pages=<!--number of pages in GN-->
|link=<!-- OPTIONAL link, replaces default links, =no for no links-->
|NBCname=<!--NBC's name for direct image links, if different than chapter number-->
|ad=<!--name of ad-->
|mea=<!--NBC's media number for the Animated video-->
|vid=<!--NBC's video number for the Animated video-->
|archive=<!--Internet Archive Wayback Machine number-->