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John Jeffries

He's a dad.


John Jeffries is the brother of company agent Noah Bennet.He has the ability of Enhanced Strength. He had to change his appearence and his name because he is a fugitive on the run.

Season 1

Justice League Heroes Part 6.72

John Jeffries tries to murder his brother, Noah, by using a shotgun. He misses, shooting Lyle in the process.

Life or Noah Bennet

John escorts his daughter, The Beerleader, to the corner shop after finally meeting her after she was put up for sale on Ebay. Then she pulls out a gun and shoots Lyle very randomly.

Season 2

Car Wash

Louis Theroux threatens John with a knive if he doesn't tell Louis where his pot of jam is.

Heroes Or Villains

John is named as one of the group of 68 characters in Heroes: Season 3.

Season 3


The Haitian says he is much in love with his cousin, and then John tries to kill Usutu but then James May stepped in and his shoes ran John over but he survived and walked to hospital.

Graphic Novel:Imprisonment

He visited The Beerleader in Level 5 and watched Die Hard 4.0 or it might of been Casino Royale. I can't remember!

Memorable Quotes

- "You're my brother Noah."

    (John to Noah)

- "Are we in China or Las Vegas?"

    (John to The Beerleader)

- "Do my waffles taste nice?."

    (John to Lyle)

- "I'm sueing Maury's pizzas because I asked for extra pepperoni."

    (John to Mr Muggles)

- "Sam's Comics sell the 159th issue of Lego Chicken Run don't they?"

    (John to Hiro)

- "You are Mohinder!" - "No, I'm Peter Petrelli."

    (John and Sylar's artifical moustache)



  • He thinks he's Danish.
  • He bought Flint his fridge.
  • If Gabriel Bishop keeps editing this page, Lyle won't be the only person John or The Beerleader shoots.
  • And no, he didn't break Noah's toilet. That was Matt's turtle.
  • He runs a waffle shop in South Dakota.
  • Try to drown him in some water, and he will go like this. "I ordered decaf!"
  • He invented jaffa cakes.
  • He likes Blue Monday ice cream.