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'''"Abilities to come when episodes start"'''
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| {{PortalPowers|image=Baby Matt Parkman's Power.jpg|link=User:Cockney Heroes/Abilities/Activation and Deactivation|text=Activation&nbsp;and&nbsp;Deactivation}}
| {{PortalPowers|image=Cheapfreezingimitation.JPG|link=User:Lost Memoirs/Abilities/Atomic mimicry|text=Atomic Mimicry}}
| {{PortalPowers|image=Electric Sylar 2.jpg|link=User:Cockney Heroes/Abilities/Electrical Manipulation|text=Electrical Manipulation}}
| {{PortalPowers|image=Powers Peter fix the Sylar watch.jpg|link=User:Cockney Heroes/Abilities/Intuitive Empathy|text=Intuitive Empathy}}
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| {{PortalPowers|image=Powers peter fades from sylar.jpg|link=User:Cockney Heroes/Abilities/Invisibility|text=Invisiblity}}
| {{PortalPowers|image=Magnetic manip..jpg|link=User:Lost Memoirs/Abilities/Magnetic Manipulation|text=Magnetic Manipulation}}

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{{User:Lost Memoirs/Navbar}}

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"Abilities to come when episodes start"


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