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*[[User:Mc hammark/Untold Tales/Mark|Mark]] meets a mysterious [[User:Mc hammark/Untold Tales/Claude|man]]
*[[User:Mc hammark/Untold Tales/Mark|Mark]] meets a mysterious [[User:Mc hammark/Untold Tales/Claude|man]]
*The man gives Mark a proposal.
*The man gives Mark a proposal

==Story Development==
==Story Development==

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 101
First aired: January, 14 2010
Written by: Mc hammark
Next episode: Chapter 2: The One We Need


  • Mark meets a mysterious man
  • The man gives Mark a proposal

Story Development

Mark · Claude


There are a lot of things which people miss in life. Lots of moments that just pass by un-noticed. But after years sitting back. Watching, listening to other people, I learned more than most. Just how selfish the human race is. Just how ignorant.

You see, I'm special. I can do things that most people only see in movies. I can manipulate energy. Every kind of energy. Change it into another. Allowing me do to amazing things.

And there are others too. I've seen a few. Using their abilities when they thought no-one was watching. But, of course, I was. I made note of every one I saw.

I don't show off to my friends; the few that I have. They wouldn't understand. Neither would my family. That's why I had to leave them. Moved to London. That was where he found me.

UntoldTalesV1C1 title.jpg

Mark was sitting outside a Café, drinking a cup of tea. Around him, people were going about their everyday lives while he wrote in his notebook about another special person he discovered a few days back.

When he finished his tea and a waitress approached him asking if he wanted more.

"I would love another cup thank-you." Mark replied. It had been a while since Mark had talked to a good looking girl like the waitress, so he was a bit rusty on his chat up lines. "And if you'd like to take a break, you're more than welcome to join me."

UTLondon cafe.jpg

"Er, no thanks, I'll just get you your tea." she smiled at him, turning and walking away. Mark closed his eyes. He'd just made a fool of himself. He went back to his notebook.

"You know, they're all the same." came a voice. Mark looked around. There was no-one there.

"Show yourself." Mark demanded.

"Oh, you're good." said a man on the seat next to Mark. "Most people think they're going doolally. But you, you're a cut above."

"Who are you?" Mark asked.

"Why is it that they always as the same questions first. 'Who are you?' 'What do you want?' It's never 'how are you?' or 'would you like a cup of tea?'" he replied in a mocking tone.

"Look. I'm busy," Mark told him. "I've got a lot of work to do..."

"What? You mean watching people? Making notes on their abilities?" the man interrupted.

"How do you..." asked Mark, surprised.

"I've been following you around." he said.

"You've been following me?"

"Yes. It's very easy when..." Began the man. The waitress had returned with Mark's tea.

"Here's your... tea." she said, shocked by the appearance of the man. He was dressed in tatty, dull grey clothes. She stood there staring at the man.

"Nothing for me thanks." He told her. "No money on me." He smiled at her. She turned an returned inside the café.

"Anyway," he said, "it's very easy to follow you around when I can turn invisible."

"You can turn invisible?" asked Mark.

"Yes." he said. "But I'm more interested on what you can do. What is it exactly? I've seen you do lots of things. Are you an empath?"


"An empath? What's an 'empath'?" asked Mark, puzzled as to what the man was asking.

"Can you copy others' powers?" the man told Mark.

"No. I can convert energy. I can change it into different types." Mark confessed.

"Really? That's a new one. And how many different things can you do?"

"A lot. I can show you if you want." said Mark. "But first you have to tell me who you are and what you want." he demanded.

"My name is Claude Rains. And I want you to join a company."

To Be Continued...

Character Appearances