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The One We Need
Volume: One
Episode Number: 102
First aired: January, 21st 2010
UTabandoned building.jpg
Written by: Mc hammark
Previous episode: Chapter 1: London
Next episode: Chapter 3: Choice


UntoldTalesV1C2 title.jpg

Claude and Mark walked down the street until they came up to a boared house.

"In here," said Claude. They entered into what appeared to be an empty house, abandoned years ago. Claude lead Mark into a room that was once a living room; it had a sofa, a table and two chairs.

"Sit down while I get a fire started," Claude told Mark. He exited the room and a few minutes later, came back with a couple of wooden logs which he put in the fireplace. He tried to light a few matches, but was unsuccessful.

"You haven't got a light, have you friend?" he asked. Mark shook his head. Although...

"I could... use my ability to light it," he said.

"Go on then," Claude said, stepping back, smiling.

"I need to convert one type of energy to another so there will be no light for a few seconds. Ok?" Mark said to Claude.

"Of course," he replied. Mark rubbed his hands together and closed his eyes. He opened them again to nothingness. The light slowly crept back to reveal a ball of electricitiy in Mark's hand which he projected at the logs, which lit up in flames. He looked round at Claude who looked from the fire to Mark, a wide grin on his face.

"Fantastic," he said. "Let's grab a seat."

The two sat down at the table. Claude spoke first.

"So, you're probably wondering why I brought you here?" Claude asked. Mark nodded. "Well, it's like this. For years, specials like you and me have been watched, bagged 'n' tagged by a company. Now, the Company, front themselves as Primatech Paper, can keep secrets from you, but you can't keep secrets from the Company," He took a bottle of beer out of a pocket in his jacket. "I used to work for them you see. Then I started protecting the innocent ones - children, mainly - before the Company could experiment on them. They found out and had me 'eliminated', or so they thought," He took a swig of his beer. "Anyway, last year I was in New York. Met an empath. He lead the Company straight to my front door. So I moved back here; they have less operations here you see," Another swig. "But now there's another company out there. Pinehearst, they call themselves. I looked them up; genetics company. They tried to recruit someone I know. She left and I don't know what's happened to her since."

"So, what do you want me to do?" Mark asked, breaking his silence.

"Well, they're trying to recruit as many powerful specials as possible, and I reckon, that you're their cup of tea," he said, looking Mark up and down.

"You want me to spy on them? From the inside?" asked Mark, a little taken aback.

"Yes. I need you to find out what they're up to. See if they're a threat," Claude told him.

"And why do I have to go? Why can't you? Invisibility seems like the easiest way to spy." Mark said.

"No. In a building full of specials, there's bound to be a way of someone finding me, and I don't know yet if they're part of Primatech," Claude said, standing up, walking to the other end of the room.

"But, why would they be a danger to you? Surely someone like you could protect yourself, if you've managed to avoid the Company this long?"

"It's not about them finding me, it's about them finding the ones I'm looking after," Claude finally explained. There were three knocks at the door. "Please," asked Claude. "Be the one we need." He faded himself away.

The front door crashed open. A black man in leather clothes walked in, accompanied by a blonde women.

"What do you want?" asked Mark. He could feel the blood pumping through his veins as fear kicked in. The man stepped forward.

"Don't be scared. Arthur Petrelli sent us. We're from Pinhearst."

To Be Continued...