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It's Coming
Volume: One
Episode Number: 106
First aired: February, 17th 2010
Written by: Mc hammark
Previous episode: Chapter 5: Introductions
Next episode: Chapter 7: Primatech
Chapter 6.jpg

Arthur Petrelli sat in his office, remembering all the terrible things he had done in his life. Killing people. Lot's of people. Attempting to have his own son killed. But he was going to make up for it now. He was going to help people. All he needed was the formula.

He already had the atomic structure of it, but there was something wrong with it. Something... but he couldn't remember what it was. That was why he needed that man. Glen Merrick.

That man was the key. Which was why he had sent the most powerful agent he had after him.

Hopefully the new guy would suceed. And of course, not turn against the company.

Arthur stood up and walked to the window. He looked down at the people walking around outside. The receptionists, carrying paperwork and coffee. Geneticists getting ready for their work a Pinehearst. General passers by just thinking random thoughts:

"I wonder what I'll cook tonight..." "...honestly not my problem..." "I wonder how I'll tell him..." "...will it arrive. I want to know if I'm in already." "I wonder if she still loves me."

Arthur thought about Angela. The woman he loved. He'd always done whatever he needed to make her happy. And then she poisoned him. She almost killed him.

She no longer loved him. But he still loved her. Why? He didn't know. But he couldn't keep thinking about her. She was distracting him, even when she wasn't there. He needed to concentrate on his plans.

Outside, a black van turned round the corner, being driven by Knox. It turned round another corner into the building's parking garage.

A few minutes later, Knox and Mark entered Arthur's room.

"We got the guy," said Knox.

"He wasn't easy though," Mark said. "He put up quite a fight."

"But he was too scared," Knox said, smiling.

"Good. Can I assume Doctor Suresh has him now?" asked Arthur.

"Yes," replied Mark.

"Is there anything else you need done boss?" asked Knox.

"That'll be all just now. If I need you, I'll send for you," said Arthur.

The two men left leaving Arthur alone. He thought about Mark for a second. He was sure he'd known him from somewhere. But where?

He left the room and walked down the hall. He turned into a room where a woman in a lab coat was sitting at a computer. Her name was Mia. A very skilled technopath.

"Mia, I need you to do a background search on one Mark Cunningham," said Arthur. "Look through the Primatech files."

"Should take no more than a few seconds," she smiled. "Ok. Apparently, in the eighties he worked alongside Agent Thompson, and Agent Rains."

"The eighties? Have you got a picture of him?" asked Arthur.

"Should have. There you go." A picture of Mark, not much different than he was now, was on the screen.

"That can't be... unless he..." said Arthur. "I need to go."

Arthur raced out of the room as fast as he could. He went back to his office and picked up his phone. He called his secretary and asked where Mark and Knox was. She told him that Mark had went out, but that Knox was with Flint in the cafeteria.

"Remember the list I gave you earlier. Could you please send those people in."

Arthur sat down on his chair. In the table infront of him was a sketch pad and pencils. Suddenly, and urge came over him to draw. And draw. And draw. His eyes glazed over and he took the pad and pencils. He began to draw.

Two hours later Arthur awoke from the trance. Around him were five people. Knox and Flint were there. Two women, Tracy and Elle. And Sylar.

He looked up. He looked at his drawings.

"It's coming."

To be continued...