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Ability Prism
Ability Prism.jpg
An Ability Prism.

First mentioned: Fight
Owned by: David Davis,
James Connol
Current status: Multiple owners

An Ability Prism keeps a part of anybodys ability in it and lets the user use that ability anytime they want.

Notable Prisms

  • David's Prism - Given by his grandfather. It had the ability to give off a bright glow. (Fight)
  • James' Prism - Given by a unknown person at Christmas. It had the ability to turn the user invisable. (The Future Part 2)



David Davis was given a prism by his grandfather which had the ability to give off a bright glow. When Tom Johnson picked it up it glew a very dim light.

The Future Part 2

James Connol recived an ability prism at Christmas. When he picked it up he suddently turned invisable. He used it to get into the Restricted Section in the library.

The Powerful Animal Max Part 2

Michael Sham uses James' when he had to help Donna Caff feed Max. James mentions that they should use his ability prism to go out a night.


James thinks about what Mr King would say if he knew about the ability prism.