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Shanti Suresh
Volume: One
Episode Number: 7
First aired: Dec 23rd 2010
Shanti resources.jpeg
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: Shanti Suresh Part 2


James, Michael and Jenny find out who Shanti Suresh is.


'What happend?' Jenny asked him, leaning over to sit next to James and Michael. 'Tom,' said David shakily, his clothes burnt to a crisp. 'I saw him outside the library. He said he'd been looking for someone to practise that on.' 'Go to mr King!' Jenny urged David. 'Report him!' David shook his head. 'I don't want more trouble,' he mumbled. 'You've got to stand up to him, David!' said Michael. 'He's used to walking over people, but that's no need to lie down in front of him and make it easier.' James felt into his poket and pulled out a small packet of Jelly Worms. He gave it to David, who looked like he might cry. 'You're worth ten of Tom.' James said. David's lips twitched in a week smile as he unwrapped the Jelly Worms. 'Thanks, James ... I think I'll go to bed ... D'you want the card, you collect them, don't you?' As David walked away James looked at the Evolved Human card. 'mrs Magpie,' he said 'She was the first one I ever -' He gasped. He stared at the back of the card. Then he looked at Michael and Jenny. 'I've found her! he whispered. 'I've found Suresh! - listen to this: 'Mrs Elena Magpie is particularly famous for her dedication to The Company and for her work on Shanti Suresh!' Jenny jumped to her feet. She hadn't looked so excited since they'd got back the marks on their very first piece of homework. 'Stay there!' she said, and she sprinted up the stairs to the dormitories. James and Michael barely had time to exchange mystified looks before she was dashing back, an enormous book in her arms. 'I never thought to look here!' she whispered excitedly. 'I got this out of the library weeks ago.' She started flicking frantically through the pages, muttering to herself. At last she found something what she was looking for. 'I knew it! I knew it!' 'Are we allowed to speak yet?' said Michael grumpily. Jenny ignored him. 'Shanti Suresh,' she whispered dramatically, 'is the first known victim of the Shanti Virus!' This didn't have quite the effect she'd expected. 'The what?' said James and Michael. 'Oh, honestly, don't you two read? Look - read that, there.' She pushed the book towards them, and James and Michael read:

The "Shanti virus" is a life-threatening disease that attacks the nervous system. One of its side effects is that it prevents evolved humans who have the disease from using their abilities. Shanti Suresh is the first known victim. According to Victoria Pratt, the first and original strain of the virus was discovered in Shanti Suresh on February 14, 1977. The effects of this disease are harmful if not treated and can block evolved human abilities. There are four strains of the virus - The Original Strain, According to Mohinder Suresh, only evolved humans are vulnerable to this strain of the virus. An Unnamed Strain, A mutated version of the original strain of the Shanti virus, this strain is used by the Company to block abilities without any apparent harm to the subject. Strain 138, A strain created through biological engineering, Strain 138 is the first strain known to infect normal humans (This strain is belived to be extinct. Batch 316, a new version of the strain, it can wipe out all abilities in an evolve human (This strain is belived to have been stolen).

'See?' said Jenny, when James and Michael had finished. 'The three headed animal must be garding Batch 316! I bet The Company stole it and asked mrs Magpie to keep it safe for them, because they knew someone was after this! And who's the one person who would want to be the only one with powers?' 'Tom?' said James. 'No! Miss -' Jenny said. 'Miss Yaga said Michael. 'No! Miss Sky!' said Jenny