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The Future Part 2
Volume: One
Episode Number: 6
First aired: Dec 23rd 2010
Peter's necklace.jpg
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: Shanti Suresh


James and Michael celebrate Christmas.


Once the holidays started, James and Michael were having too much fun to think about Suresh. They had the dormitory to them selfs and the commonroom was far emptier than usual, so they were able to get good armchairs around the fire. On Christmas Eve, James went to bed looking forward to nextday for the food and all the fun. When he woke early next morning, the first thing he saw was a small pile of packages at the foot of his bed. 'Happy Christmas,' said Michael sleepily as James scrambled out of bed and pulling on his dressing-gown. 'You too.' said James. James picked up the top parcel. It was wrapped in thick brown paper and scrawled across it was To James, from Donna x. Inside was a small bag. James opened it and a Christmas decoration was sucked straight into it. A second, very small parcel contained a note. From Mum. Sellotaped to the note was a long necklace with a small shape on it. 'That's odd,' said James. Michael was fascinated by the shape. 'Weird!' he said 'What a shape!' 'Donna,' James said 'and my mum - so who sent these?' James had torn the parcel to find a thick, hand-knitted sweater in sapphire blue and a large box of home-made chocolate. 'Every year she makes me a jumper,' said Michael, unwrapping his own, 'and mine's always ruby.' 'That's really nice of her - sending me a present,' said James, traying one of the chocolates. His next presents contained sweets - a large box of Jelly Worms from Jenny Scarlet. This left one one parcel. James picked it up. He unwrapped it. A small glass prisim, James picked it up, only to be dropped again when his hand started to turn invisible.

James had never in all his life had such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys and chickens, moutains of potatoes, platters a fat puddings and stacks of Christmas crackers every few feet along the table, every few made by a certain teacher. These crackers were nothing like any other crackers James had seen before. James pulled one of the crackers mrs Marbloss had made, and it didn't just bang. Hundreds of flowers and holly burst out of the cracker in a cloud of red smoke. Up on the Teachers Table, mrs Magpie was chuckiling merrily at a joke mrs Marbloss had told her. Flaming Christmas puddings followed the turkey. James watched Donna gladly hand out seconds and kissed teachers on the cheek as they went passed. When James finally left the table, he was laden down with a stack of things out of the crackers. James and the others spent a happy afternoonhaving a furious snowball fight in the grounds. Then, they returned to the fire in the commonroom. After a tea of turkey sandiches, waffles, trifle and Christmas cake, everyone felt to full and sleepy to do much before bed. It had been the best Christmas day ever. Yet something had been nagging at the back of his mind all day: the Ability Prism and whoever sent it. Michael, full of turkey and cake and with nothing mysterious to bother him, fell asleep almost as soon as he'd drawn the curtains of his four-poster. James leant over the side of his own bed and pulled the Prism out from under it. He ran his hands over the glass sides and pricked his finger on the pointed top. He had to try it, now. He slipped out of bed and activated the Prism. Suddenly, James felt wide awake. The whole of Manaj's was open to him using this Prism. Excitement flooded through him as he stood there in the dark and silence. He could go anywhere in this, anywhere. Michael grunted in his sleep. Should James wake him? No. He wanted to use this alone.

He crept out of the dormitory, down the stairs, across the commonroom and stepped out into Manaj's. Where should he go? He stopped, his heart racing, and thought. And then it came to him. The Restricted Section in the library. He'd be able to read as long as he liked, as long as it took to find out who Suresh was. The library was pitch black and a bit eerie. James lit a lamp to see his way along the row of books. The Restricted Section was right at the back of the library. Stepping carefully over the rope which separated these books from the rest of the library, he held his lamp to read the titles. They didn't tell him much. Their peeling, faded letters spelled words in languages James couldn't understand. Some no title at all. One book had a dark stain on it that looked like blood. Suddently a voice came from the other side of the room. 'Who's there?' Miss Grace shouted. James ran.

It took a few seconds before he noticed anything about the room he had hidden in. It lokked like a disused classroom. The dark shapes of desks and chairs were piled against the walls. Suddently, his necklace had started to glow and soon a huge projection, as high as the celiling, had placed itself infornt of him. His panic fading now that there was no sign of miss Grace.He looked hard atb the projection and he saw a very pretty girl, She had fine red hair and her eyes, bright brown, but then he noticed what was running down her face. Blood. Her whole scalp had been removed. Then James realized who the girl was. 'Jenny?' he whispered. The girl just looked at him. How long he stood there, he didn't know. The reflection did not fade and he looked and looked until a distant noise brought him back to his senses. he couldn't stay here, he had to find his way back to bed. He tore his eyes away from Jenny's dying moments and hurried back to his room.