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I have many interests, but mainly my wonderful friends and Jesus . . . because He takes away the sins of the world!

Name: Michael

My name's Michael David Copley . . .

I'm a Non-denominational Protestant Anarchist, so I don't agree with what the majority of "Christians" believe in . . . and I hate all worldly government, so I'm moving to Israel once I become a Missionary . . .

I like to read, listen to music and watch television . . . I'm a filmmaker, so if you ever want to make something . . . just let me know, thanks!

City: Camas, WA

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Country: United States

Occupation: media specialist and volunteer worker

Schools: camas high school

Companies: revolution youth ministries, metropolitan exposition center, life point church and northwest christian music

Interests and Hobbies: I've many interests, mainly my wonderful friends and Jesus Christ . . . because He takes away the sins of the world!

Games: age of empires. assassin's creed. banjo-kazooie. battlefield. bejeweled. bionic commando. bioshock. brothers in arms. burnout. call of duty. chess. command and conquer. company of heroes. conker. crash bandicoot. crysis. dark cloud. dead or alive. devil may cry. diablo. donkey kong. dungeons and dragons. far cry. f.e.a.r. forza motorsport. freedom fighters. gears of war. geometry wars. ghost recon. god of war. goldeneye. grand theft auto. guild wars. guitar hero. half-life. halo. jak and daxter. jedi knight. knights of the old republic. mafia. mario kart. marvel vs. capcom. mass effect. max payne. mechassault. medal of honor. metal gear. metroid. need for speed. ninja gaiden. nintendogs. no one lives forever. oddworld. paper mario. perfect dark. pikmin. prince of persia. quake. rainbow six. rallisport challenge. ratchet and clank. rayman. resident evil. rise of nations. rock band. serious sam. snk vs. capcom. sonic. soul calibur. splinter cell. ssx. starcraft. star wars rogue leader. street fighter. super mario. super monkey ball. super smash bros. syphon filter. test drive. tetris. the chronicles of riddick. the elder scrolls. the legend of zelda. the orange box. the sims. the ultimate doom. thief. tony hawk's pro skater. turok. twisted metal. unreal. warcraft. wario. wik and the fable of souls. world in conflict. world of warcraft. worms. yoshi's island.

Movies: 12 angry men. 2001: a space odyssey. a christmas story. a clockwork orange. alien. all quiet on the western front. american history x. apocalypse now. back to the future. batman. ben-hur. big fish. blade runner. braveheart. casablanca. children of men. crash. crouching tiger, hidden dragon. die hard. donnie darko. dr. strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. ed wood. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. fight club. finding nemo. finding neverland. forrest gump. frankenstein. full metal jacket. gandhi. gladiator. glory. gone with the wind. goodfellas. groundhog day. hannibal. heat. hotel rwanda. indiana jones. into the wild. iron man. it's a wonderful life. jason bourne. jaws. kill bill. king kong. letters from iwo jima. life is beautiful. little miss sunshine. magnolia. memento. million dollar baby. miracle on 34th street. modern times. monsters, inc. monty python. mystic river. no country for old men. nosferatu the vampire. one flew over the cuckoo's nest. pan's labyrinth. patton. pirates of the caribbean. planet of the apes. platoon. psycho. pulp fiction. raging bull. saving private ryan. ratatouille. requiem for a dream. reservoir dogs. robin hood. scarface. schindler's list. se7en. shaun of the dead. shrek. sin city. singin' in the rain. sling blade. spartacus. stand by me. star wars. taxi driver. terminator. the big lebowski. the bridge on the river kwai. the dark knight. the day the earth stood still. the departed. the elephant man. the exorcist. the fabulous destiny of amelie poulain. the godfather. the good, the bad and the ugly. the grapes of wrath. the great escape. the green mile. the incredibles. the lion king. the lord of the rings. the manchurian candidate. the matrix. the pianist. the prestige. the princess bride. the professional. there will be blood. the seven samurai. the seventh seal. the shawshank redemption. the shining. the sixth sense. the thing. the wizard of oz. to kill a mockingbird. toy story. trainspotting. twelve monkeys. v for vendetta. walk the line. wall•e. young frankenstein.

Television: 24. 7th heaven. alien planet. american idol. avatar: the last airbender. band of brothers. battlestar galactica. boy meets world. chuck. csi. dinotopia. doctor who. dragonball z. dragon's world: a fantasy made real. eureka. even stevens. family guy. family matters. flash gordon. friends. futurama. heroes. house. inuyasha. jericho. kenan & kel. kyle xy. law and order. lost. my name is earl. mythbusters. naruto. perfect strangers. primeval. pokémon. power rangers. prison break. robin hood. saturday night live. scrubs. smallville. south park. spongebob squarepants. stargate. star trek. supernatural. terminator: the sarah connor chronicles. that '70s show. the brady bunch. the complete walking with... collection. the future is wild. the o.c. the office. the simpsons. the triangle. the wonder years. the x-files. torchwood. without a trace.

Music: 4dbling. aaron sprinkle. a.d. adamisaac. a hope for home. alitheia. anberlin. anchor & braille. ...and the sirens sang. as cities burn. as i lay dying. a seasons slumber. astronauts and their moonwalkfury. atlas and oceans. august burns red. becoming the archetype. belief. ben gough. blessed victim. bobby c. brad mackeson. brightwood. candles for hands. chelsea oberion. choong huh. christopher mccafferty, tenor. c.oberion. crossing. daniel and the lions. dashboard nintendo. david marrow. dead poetic. demon hunter. destroy the runner. eisley. emery. enduring the fight. erase the dream. ericbotmusic. facing december. fair. fallstar. far-less. fbi-c. fm static. further seems forever. generation unleashed. handprints of the insane. haste the day. hawk nelson. heaven 2 earth. he is legend. hyper static union. if all else fails... impact worship. incomplete. inhale exhale. jamie bonife. jeremy macias & solongsunday. jeremypaul. jim bevan. john leckenby. jonezetta. jon foreman. jo's music. jump the ship. justin engbrecht. kevlar. kisskisshushhush. leeland. letras às marés. mae. matthew thiessen and the earthquakes. matthiasellis. mattsouth. melissa fairy's music. mewithoutyou. my own. name taken. norma jean. number one gun. of the earth. oh, say can you see. oncetherewasawar. paperrings. paul wright. pavel sfera. porcheezi. project 86. pterrordactyl. recordoflife. relient k. remember this night. rob giles. rootdown. run kid run. ryan and harder. ryan martinez. samuel spinkick. sarah shewbert. sean watkins. separated. seth mcgaha. seventy six. showbread. sleepy hollow. sonsofday. spoken. starflyer 59. stillvoice. sufjan stevens tribute. sullivan. swamp monster. switchfoot. the abrogation. the almost. the balance of war. the beautiful mistake. the brevity. the chariot. the classic crime. the crucifixion of richard simmons. the fold. the halt effect. the monroe. the neverclaim. the new divide. the new epidemic. the parsimony effect. the quamunists. the real seanjon. the upwelling. the writing life. thousand foot krutch. twelve gauge valentine. underoath. valence. zach marrow.

Books: a series of unfortunate events. berenstain bears. bible. captain underpants. charlie and the chocolate factory. charlotte's web. choose your own adventure. clifford the big red dog. curious george. dune. fear street. gone with the wind. goodnight moon. goosebumps. guess how much i love you. harry potter. his dark materials. james bond. jaws. left behind. magic tree house. mr. men. peter rabbit. star wars. tarzan. the cat in the hat. the catcher in the rye. the chronicles of narnia. the da vinci code. the exorcist. the foundation trilogy. the godfather. the hardy boys. the hobbit. the lord of the rings. the outsiders. the poky little puppy. the tale of peter rabbit. rainbow fish. the very hungry caterpillar. the wind in the willows. thomas the tank engine and friends. to kill a mockingbird. tuesdays with morrie. twilight. where's wally? winnie-the-pooh.