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Jenny Scarlet
First appearance Troubled
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Substance Mimicry (lost)
Current ability:
Ability replication (synthetic)
Current replicated ability:
Poison emission
Known abilities replicated:
Time Travel
Poison emission
Formal name Jenny Scarlet
Age 17

Jenny Scarlet is a collage girl, who found out she could turn into anything she touched.

Character History


Jenny is doing a test and trys to tell James something but james gets sent out of the classroom by miss Galore. She later shows up at his huse to disscuss thier abilities. James then gets a note through his door and it seems to be an exact copy of what she has.

Who's that man?

James and Jenny go to the address on the note were Jenny is given the Anti-Special by a man. Later that night she takes the Anti-Special which gives her Ability replication. The next day she is told by James that he liked her when she had an ability and now she is just like everyone else. Shocked she bumps into Mr Jones then uses his ability.

Wedding Day

Jenny Time Travels to the future to find herself getting married to James. She asks a woman what year it is, only to find that she is talking to Pamala. Pamala lets her stay for the wedding but the wedding is crupted by miss Galore who supercharges jenny's son's ability which cause the church to collapes. Jenny travels back and tells James she has a ability. She then shows a small gun and tells James she has to shoot miss Galore.

Take Me Back

After Jenny runs off to kill miss Galore she is hit by a car and James runs to help her. He meets Derick who tells him that he has healed Jenny and she'll be fine. Later in school Jenny forgets her bag and goes back with James to get it. After Jenny steals some paper from miss Galore they are taken to somewhere were James finds out how his dad dies.

The Team

Jenny shows the list that she stole from miss Galore has James' mothers name on it.

On The Run

Jenny teleports James ijnto a train and then she takes Glad and her son to see Pamala.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jenny seems to have little control over her ability as she turns into anything she touches. She can't do this anymore but can replicate peoples abilities.


  • Jenny is the only know character to have two abilities.