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Poison emission
Purple teardrops.jpg
Glad uses her ablity to kill her mother.
Originally held by: Glad Yaga
Absorbed by: Jenny Scarlet
Ability to: Emit a deadly poison, which can kill people in one's vicinity.

Poison emission is the ability to emit a deadly poison, which can kill people in one's vicinity.


  • Glad Yaga is the only character seen to have this ability.


Glad Yaga

When distressed, Glad emits a purple liquid from her eyes. People near her when she manifests these symptoms rapidly become ill and die, also leaking purple liquid from their eyes (My Mother). The maximum range of this effect is not yet known.

Glad's ability incapacitates people who are affected almost immediately, leaving little opportunity for them to try to attack her. What would happen to victims if she were killed or rendered unconscious while manifesting her ability is not known.

Glad used to have little, if any, control over her ability. As time went on, she can now leant to target people. Her ability spontaneously manifests when she feels emotional distress: fear, grief, anger, etc. However she does not seem to stop, as shown when her son has to use his ability to get her to stop (On The Run).