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Note: This character page is an entry for the Cockney Heroes competition, and should not be considered canon.
Daniel Schneider
Fan Creation Daniel.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Mental Disturbance
Age 19
Date of birth August 21, 1989

Daniel Schneider is an evolved human with the ability of Mental Disturbance.


Daniel always wanted to be special. He was very plain and tried to make himself as different as others as possible, especially his brother. One day his brother said that he was able to read someone's mind. He tried to read Daniel's mind but experienced a loud feedback. Daniel's ability had manifested. As his father ran to Daniel see why someone was yelling he began to get a headache. The closer to Daniel he got the worse his headache got. Daniel was so scared of what he was doing that he passed out. One day, Daniel was walking down the street and a gang tried to mug him. His ability activated and the gang members all fainted in pain. Daniel left and began to practice his ability. Since this incident Daniel has helped his community by assisting the police in cracking down on gang violence.

Evolved Human Ability

Daniel possesses Mental Disturbance. His ability enables him to disturb others' concentration, by giving them terrible headaches. These headaches are very painful and, originally, stopped immediately once Daniel wasn't touching him/her anymore. However with practice, Daniel is now able to make these headaches continue even after he isn't touching his target anymore.If he concentrates hard enough, he is able to amplify his ability and cause people so much pain that they pass out, and in the case of evolved humans unable to concentrate on using their abilities. Mental Disturbance also gives Daniel protection from mental attacks (i.e. telepathy), causing "feedback" to the telepath. Because this ability requires touch, it can only affect people or animals within arm's reach. When Daniel is angered or scared, however, his ability is amplified and affects everyone within a two-mile radius.


  • Daniel is the first evolved human with Mental Disturbance.

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