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(New page: {{User infobox | name = Lost Soul | image = 200px | caption = As cold as <font color=green>ICE</font> | portrayer = I do not show my face | nick = i...)
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{{User infobox
{{User infobox
| name = Lost Soul
| name = Peter for President
| image = [[Image:Powers sylar frozen sword.jpg|200px]]
| image = [[Image:Powers sylar frozen sword.jpg|200px]]
| caption = As cold as <font color=green>ICE</font>
| caption = As cold as <font color=green>ICE</font>

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Peter for President
Powers sylar frozen sword.jpg
As cold as ICE
Portrayed by I do not show my face
Nickname i dont have time for nicknames
Powers Cryokinesis
Alias P
Sex Female
Age A Lady never tells
Date of birth UK
Favorite Heroes quote "As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste... I swear, you will suffer." -- Kensei, Out of Time
Favorite color purple
Favorite episode Out of Time
Favorite character Peter Petrelli
Least favorite character Mohinder Suresh - tho i am warming to him
Favorite power Pyrokinesis

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Favourite Characters

Least Favourite Characters