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DNA absorption
petrelli absorbs his first ability
Held by: Petrelli
Ability to: Absorb DNA and extrapolate abilities from the DNA of evolved humans

DNA Absorption is the ability to absorb DNA and duplicate powers from DNA of evolved humans, it is the only ability of Petrelli that is not replicated.




This ability is contantly active, the effect differs if used on evolved humans or normal humans:

Used on: Effect:
Normal Humans Petrelli can sense the targets DNA and see all the coding within it...but there are no other effects
Evolved Humans starts off with the same effect as with normal humans, but when Petrelli looks into the DNA coding he can see the targets ability and duplicates it automatically, there is a red light around the point of contact when this happens


petrelli cannot control if his ability is active or not, neither can he choose to take an ability from a person, such as when he took his first ability, he got into a fight with someone who is an evolved human and as he touched his throat he could sense all the DNA within then man, immediately afterwards he could paint the future , what is interesting with petrellis ability is that he knows exactly what the power is that he absorbs and he knows how to control it perfectly as soon as it has been absorbed, the whole process of absorbing takes about 5 seconds.To date petrelli has absorbed. |- Telekinesis,
Rapid cell regeneration,
enhanced strength,
Sound manipulation,
Induced radioactivity,
super speed,
enhanced hearing,
intuitive aptitude,
Impenetrable skin,
electric manipulation,
adoptive muscle memory,
shape shifting,
microwave emission,
space-time manipulation |- all of these abilities with the exception of precognition were gained with intention after sensing the users, its worth mentioning that although his ability requires touch to use, if he is within a few meters of an evolved human he can sense exactly where they are.

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