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The Australian
In-story stats
Known ability X-ray vision
Home Sydney, Australia
Residence California
Occupation Assassin

The Australian is a hired assassin with the ability to see through objects.

Character History

Cold Wars

At the meeting inside the RGS nightclub, the Australian sits in the back row behind Daniel. At one point he asks how the Railroad is going to keep so many people from being discovered.

Assignment tracker photo

Evolved Human Abilities

The Australian's ability lets him see through nearly anything. He explains how he uses his ability mainly on his targets, in order to track them wherever they are hiding. It is unknown if there are certain materials he cannot see though, or other such limits on his ability.

According to his assignment tracker file at, the Australian's control index is 70%. His data analysis shows his biological level was at 65, cerebral at 55, elemental at 30, and temporal/spatial at 15.

Cranial imaging


  • His apartment is located directly above The Angry Skunk Bar.