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The Australian
In-story stats
Known ability Emotion manipulation
Home Sydney, Australia
Residence California
Occupation Assassin

The Australian is a hired assassin with the ability to control the emotions of others.

Character History

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Heroes Evolutions

An assingment tracker is available on the Australian.

Evolved Human Abilities

The Australian's power lets him manipulate the emotions of other people. He uses his ability mainly on his targets, in order to get them to lower their guard around him. According to his testimony, he either fills his targets with mirth and laughter before he kills them quickly, or makes them feel terrible and anguished before killing them slowly. He claims this decision is not up to him, but to whoever hires him.


  • The Australian can use his ability to maker others angry, but not at the level that Ricardo Silva can.
  • According to his assignment tracker , he was hired by Knox in the past to induce enough fear in everyone to power him up for the "detroit job".
  • His apartment is located directly above The Angry Skunk Bar.