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| name = Darth Oligus
| name = Darth Oligus
| image = [[Image:C'mon double nines!.jpg|250px]]
| image = [[Image:C'mon double nines!.jpg|250px]]
| caption = I uploaded it.
| caption = I didn't uploaded it.
| portrayer = Me myself and [[Hayden Panettiere]]   
| portrayer = Me myself and [[Hayden Panettiere]]   
| nick = jhonka6 (Youtube account), Foreshadow
| nick = jhonka6 (Youtube account), Foreshadow

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Darth Oligus

I didn't uploaded it.
Portrayed by Me myself and Hayden Panettiere
Nicknames jhonka6 (Youtube account), Foreshadow
Powers Magnetic Manipulation
Aliases Tim, Tip Tappers
Sex Male
Age 13 (that's why I'm so stupid)
Date of birth September 10 1994
Home IN
Occupation Junior High Student
Favorite Heroes quote "Why is everything so purple?" - Hiro (to Yaeko)
Favorite quote I am a Jedi,like my father before me.
-Luke Skywalker, Return of the Jedi
Favorite color Purple
Favorite episode .07%
Favorite graphic novel The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei
Favorite character Hiro and Adam
Least favorite character Niki/Jessica/Gina
Favorite power Space-time manipulation
Favorite impersonator Candice
Favorite fruit Kiwi
Favorite sport Football
Favorite magazine Sports Illustrated
US I am from the United States

About Me

Sup peeps?

Favorite Heroes Quotes

"Why is everything so purple?"

- Hiro (to Yaeko)

"Oh golly."

- Sylar

"Why is saving the world always your responsibility?"

- Ando (to Hiro)

"Do you remember how he used be — all full of hope and optimism?

"Of course, that's the Hiro I know."

"It went away the day you died. Between you and me, I think you're the reason why he became so obsessed with changing it all back. He wants to save you."

- Peter Petrelli (future) (to Ando)

"My friend, have very big power! He take you all out; make you wish you never been born!"

- Ando (to the high roller's thugs)

"Hiro. You look bad ass."


- Ando, Hiro

"You guys go to the bathroom together?"

"Yes. It is how we roll."

- Ernie, Ando

My favorite images

What were you saying?

Various Personas

What I believe

  • Hiro and Peyter should team up and charge people to change their past/future
  • feel free to add stuff.

Fun Facts

  • I have a naturally occuring bloned spot in my hair
  • My parents thought i was a girl until i was born and they were going to name me Stephanie.
  • I am *usually* a good speller, (not a good typer, though) but i ALWAYS lose my school's spelling bee on an O-B-S-C-E-N-E-L-Y easy word.
  • I frequently use four letter words (that, this, word, etc.)
  • I contribute to the Homestar Runner Wiki and Wookieepedia under the name Eicti Deelk
  • I get joy going to the other Heroes Wiki and reading the weird power names, ie Projective Motivation Resolution