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Knowledge mimicry

Jaden now knows what his sister knows.
Originally held by: Mr. Cowells
Absorbed by: Jaden Silas
Ability to: Intuitively know everything someone else knows.

Knowledge mimicry is the ability to know everything that another person knows.


  • Mr. Cowells, Jaden's seventh grade Social Studies teacher, has this ability.
  • Jaden Silas has reproduced it.


Mr. Cowells

Mr. Cowells has used his ability to become extremely intelligent.Cowells has mastered his ability so that he can absorb knowledge from multiple subjects with no physical contact. He uses his ability to know his opponents' cards so he can, in his words, "suck them dry."

Jaden Silas

This was the first ability Jaden was able to mimic. He has used this power to expose the fact that people he know had been hiding special abilities from the general public. He does not have enough control yet to absorb the memory of more than one person at a time, and he must actively concentrate to use this power without physical contact.

See Also

  • For the similar ability to mentally control the functions of the brain, see Telepathy.
  • For the similar ability to manipulate others' minds, see Mental manipulation.
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