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|align="center"|<span style="font-size:14px; color:#000000;"> Being a non-US viewer, I cannot catch episodes on NBC, and so I usually watch them a few days later on streaming websites. I still frequent the site between that time, and so I inevitably pick up spoilers. With March 23's episode, ''[[Cold Snap]]'', I'd like to go for a change. I'd like to watch the episode as any US viewer would, with no previous knowledge of what is going on. That means that I won't be visiting the site after the episode airs and before I watch the episode, and that I won't be doing the GN updates for that week.
*[[User:Radicell/First manifestations of abilities|First manifestations of abilities]]
*[[User:Radicell/First manifestations of abilities|First manifestations of abilities]]

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