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Gifted is a fan-created story about the lives of young adults learning that they have extraordinary abilities, and getting mixed up in a world they never knew existed.

Season One

Volume One: Awakening

Chapter One: In the Beginning

(This area will be better organized when a full story has been thought out.)


Current characters, and their abilities:

Name Ability(s) Location(s) Association
Kristof Calabri Persuasion Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH None
Kevin Capp None New York City, NY None
Tina Davis None Worcester, MA; Richmond, VA Primatech, partnered initially with Jack Michaels, later LeCompte
Ricard Desi Intuitive aptitude, Thought projection Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH None
Michael diMorro Enhanced vision New York City, NY; Hartsdale, NY None
Dani Gilliam Animal mimicry Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH Codex
Daniel Holmes None Worcester, MA; Hartford, CT The Mask
LeCompte Accelerated probability Worcester, MA; Hartsdale, NY; Oklahoma City, OK Primatech, partnered initially with Collette Roberts, later Tina Davis
James Lumber Precognition Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH None
Jack Michaels Electrical absorption, Electrical manipulation Worcester, MA; Nashua, NH Primatech, partnered initially with Tina Davis, later Collette Roberts
Marten Reese Enhanced hearing Worcester, MA; Chicago, IL The Mask
Collette Roberts None Worcester, MA; Hartsdale, NY; New York City, NY Primatech, partnered initially with LeCompte, later Jack Michaels
Roy Illusion Worcester, MA Primatech
Kenneth Sebastian Emotive manipulation Worcester, MA; Baltimore, MD; Hartford, CT The Mask
Dr. Smith Enhanced reflexes Worcester, MA; New Orleans, LA None
Connel Vito Super speed New York City, NY None