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Heroes BANG! is an unofficial, unlicensed mod for the popular card game BANG! by Ricard Desi. Below are the various packs being worked on. It is assumed that the reader knows the rules to BANG!, as to explain them card-to-card would be... well, rather long.

It should be noted that all Character Cards should replace the existing Character Cards from BANG!, as the Heroes mod is substantially stronger.

Current Packs

Genesis Character Pack

The first pack, a Character Card set called Genesis, is themed around the main characters from the first chapter of Heroes, also named Genesis. This pack has been playtested several times and is near "release". This pack is currently Beta v.2. The cards and their powers are as follows:

Name HP Title Rule Quote
Claire Bennet 3 The Cheerleader During your turn, you may heal one life point. If you are eliminated, continue to track your negative health; you may continue to heal one life point for each turn you would have, until regenerated. "'Save the cheerleader, save the world'... Have I been saved, or do I still need saving?"
D.L. Hawkins 4 The Ex-Con You may ignore the effects of any blue or green card in play, including those in front of you. This does not affect guns. "Between you and me... I walked out. Ain't no jail can hold your old man. 'Cause I got a secret."
Ando Masahashi 3 The Sidekick Instead of taking a Role, choose a player. You are now their sidekick, and win only if your partner wins. You may choose to take damage instead of your partner, and vice versa. This ability does not count as a Power. "This is how we roll."
Hiro Nakamura 4 The Time Traveler You may play any green card as if it was an orange card, then place it in front of you as normal. "Yatta!"
Isaac Mendez 4 The Painter After you draw, look at the next six cards in the deck. Without reordering them, place them back on the top of the deck, with the top two cards face-up. "It's all right. I finally know my part in all this: to die, here, with you, but not before I show them how to kill you and stop the bomb. I finally get to be a hero."
Matt Parkman 4 The Mindreader Once during your turn, you may look at another player's hand. If you play a card which forces them to discard or give you a card, you may choose a specific card you saw. "You don’t know what it's like to fight for someone that you love; you left. You left. All you have are your nightmares."
Micah Sanders 3 The Boy Genius During your turn, you may activate or deactivate any green cards in play at a distance of one or less. "You know how you and Mom have a secret? Well... I have a secret too."
Mohinder Suresh 4 The Prodigal Son When any Power is actively used, draw a card. This ability does not count as a Power. "What you've done isn't evolution, it's murder. What I am doing... is revenge."
Nathan Petrelli 5 The Flying Man The distance you see other players is decreased by one. The distance other players see you is increased by one. "Listen, pal, if you want to talk about my brother, you’d better be very careful what you say next."
Niki Sanders 4 The Working Mom Any time you would draw a card from the deck, you may, instead of placing it in your hand, opt to immediately play it before looking at it. If it is a card that deals damage, the damage caused is doubled. If it is an illegal play, the card is discarded. "Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm not sure it's me looking back."
Peter Petrelli 5 The Hero From the end of your turn until the end of your next turn, you may use the powers of any players who directly interact with you. "I save the world? Why me?"
Sylar 5 The Bogeyman If you eliminate another player, you permanently gain their power. "You're broken. I can fix you."
Ted Sprague 4 The Radioactive Man Instead of taking a turn, you may choose to explode, causing damage to every other player equal to your own wounds, minus the distance it takes to reach them. "You're gonna upset me. Do you know what happens when I get upset? I get very bright and very hot!"

Future Packs

Genesis Location Pack

Genesis Episode Pack

The Company Character Pack

Better Halves Character Expansion

Five Years Gone Character Pack

Allies Character Pack

Company Founders Character Pack

Level 5 Character Pack

Villains Character Pack

Villains Future Character Pack

Fugitives Character Pack

Name HP Title Rule Quote
Fugitive Peter
Director Nathan
Sleepless Angela
Fugitive Claire
DHS Agent Noah
Alex Woolsly
Fugitive Mohinder
Fugitive Matt
Matt Parkman Jr.
Fugitive Hiro 5 At any point during the game, you may freeze time and rearrange the blue and green cards in front of all players. When you do this, you permanently lose one life.
Supercharger Ando
Fugitive Tracy
Reformed Doyle
Rachel Mills 4 The Agent Before drawing, instead of taking a turn, you may move yourself to any other player position in the game. "I already told you, I'm not special!"
Alice Shaw
Shapeshifter Sylar
Emile Danko