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{{Character box
| name = Ricard Desi
| sortname = Desi, Ricard
| image = Ricard_desi.jpg
| caption = <!-- Caption for the image. -->
| portrayer = [[User:Ricard Desi|Rick Desilets]]
| nick = Rickie-D
| debut = [[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]
| departure = <!-- Last appearance. (Do not use unless the character has been removed from the show.) -->
| power(s) = ''as of [[Genesis]]''<br>[[Telepathy]]<br>[[Intuitive aptitude]]
| alias =  The Mongoose
| gender = Male
| age = 21
| residence = Apartment in Worcester, MA
| home = formerly Lowell, MA
| born = April 2, [[1987]]
| occupation = College student & actor
| significant other = formerly Dani Gilliam,<br> formerly Collette Roberts
| parent(s)/guardian(s) = Rico Desi,<br /> Kelly Cooke
| sibling(s) = '''Younger sister:'''<br />Emma Desi
| grandparent(s) =
| other relatives = '''Uncles:'''<br />Daniel Cooke
'''Ricard Desi''' is a college student and rising actor, son of Rico Desi and Kelly Cooke. He is an [[evolved human]] with the [[ability]] to [[Intuitive aptitude|understand how things work]], and the ability to [[telepathy|project thoughts into people's minds]].
==Ability notes==
While Ricard's ability has been classified as [[intuitive aptitude]], a more correct term would be something like "visual mimicry".  Although Ricard is capable of understanding without prior knowledge, his ability is augmented by seeing what he is to understand, and thus leans toward enhanced understanding through visual aptitude.
==Character History==
===[[User:Ricard Desi/Gifted|Gifted]]===
====Volume One: Awakening====
====[[Volume One|Volume One: Genesis]]====
''For an episode-by-episode summary, see [[User:Ricard Desi/Season One|Ricard Desi: Season One History]]''
====[[Volume Two|Volume Two: Generations]]====
(note: during Volume Two, the same woman draws Ricard along.)
====[[Season Two|Volume Three: Exodus]]====
(note: during Volume Three, Ricard becomes stuck in a [[Outbreak future|disconnected timeline]].)
====[[Volume Three|Volume Four: Villains]]====
(note: during Volume Four, Ricard's abilities are stolen by Arthur, but regained through use of the [[genetic modification formula]].)
====[[Volume Four|Volume Five: Fugitives]]====
==Notes to self==
Other characters:
*Marten Reese - Enhanced hearing
*Kenneth Sebastian - Emotive manipulation
*Dani Gilliam - Animal mimicry
*Collette Roberts - Company agent
*James Lumber - Precognition
*Kristof Calabri - Persuasion
*de Royo - Illusion, Company agent
*Dr. Smith - Enhanced reflexes
*Jack Michaels - Electrical absorption, electrical manipulation (byproduct)
*Michael diMorro - Enhanced vision, marksmanship (byproduct)
*The Raven - Force field projection

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