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I'm new to the wiki(as might be evidenced by my frivolous pipe link there, trying that out), but I don't bite!

I've been reading for a long time, ever since I got into the fandom of Heroes, I've gotten a lot from here in terms of information, I felt like giving a bit back from a while. I finally registered an account on the prompting of Citizen, who has been a lot of help(as have the help pages, lol.)

Heroes Stuff

Favorite Chapters

  • Five Years Gone - for its awesome(if plot-holed filled) take on what the Heroes were fighting to stop.
  • Company Man - explained so much, full of emotion.
  • Out of Time - which I find to be a rather underrated episode that most people don't think of when best episodes come up.
  • Cautionary Tales - the spiritual successor to Company Man in tone and weight, I'd say.
  • Powerless - while flawed, the ending was just about pitch-perfect, really.

Favorite Characters

  • Elle- in a Season full of pointless and annoying characters, we got a character who was both entertaining and had a clear purpose.
  • Hiro - he's really the everyman in a show full of them, an easy to relate to character, and so amusing.
  • Micah - who wouldn't want that power?
  • Angela - probably the best actress on the show with a compelling, multi-faceted character.
  • Nathan - Nathan's arc in Season One was probably the most compelling of all the characters.
  • Adam - a great addition to the show with Sylar on the ropes in the second season, his calculated villainy and interesting potential as a character more than made up for some of the boneheadedness of his storyline.