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Samjohn95 is an editor and user of Heroes Wiki, and is currently inactive.

About me

I am a student in secondary school education and I live in sunny old England. I mostly work on minor edits, correcting links and trying to keep things from linking to disambiguation pages, because that's annoying. I enjoy acting and singing, and am very good at mathematics. I spend free time helping others online, reading, watching TV etc. I get bored quite quickly, which is probably why my user page is always so short, and most of my edits so minor. However, every little helps.


I will mostly work on grammer and links because I am in the middle of the exam period, but I should be able to help more next week.


Right here in my Heroes Wiki user talk page!


  • Colour: Teal
  • Sport: Sleeping (not a sport, but hey!)
  • food: Pasties! mmmmm.....
  • Drink: Cola or water
  • Subject: Drama
  • Weekday: Thursday
  • Program: Glee
  • Pastime: Gaming
  • Game: Snowboard Kids