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Powers Unknown
Alias That Random
Sex Male
Age 15
Date of birth 1994
Occupation Student
Favorite color Silver and Blue.
Favorite episode Homecoming and Cold Snap and Brothers Keeper.
Favorite character Claire and Tracy and Edgar and Gretchen and Becky and Emma.
Least favorite character Mohinder Suresh and Gabriel Gray (SYLAR)
Favorite power Rapid Cellular Regeneration and Water Mimicry (TracyVersion) and Enhanced Synesthisia.

Favorite Abilities

My favorite abilities in the whole series! well, i like them...

Least Favorite Abilities

Abilities that I just don't like. so here they are, from one to five in my own opinion anyway... <gallery>

Image:Light_absorption.jpg‎|1) Light Absorption Image:Sedation.JPG‎ |2) Sedation Image:Trevor_Powers.jpg‎|3) Shattering Image:Powers sanjog.jpg|4) Dream Manipulation Image:Powers_alejandro_police_station.jpg|5) Alejandro's Ability Image:Powers_linderman_2.jpg‎|6) Healing Image:Power_eidetic_memory.jpg‎ |7) Enhanced Memory Image:Imprinting.jpg‎|8) Imprinting Image:Ando_supercharges_Daphne_into_time-travel_speed.jpg‎|9) Ability Augmentation Image:Mohinder_climbs_a_wall.jpg‎ |10) Insect Mimicry Image:Sound_absorption.jpg‎|11) Sound Absorption Image:Power_Light_Generation_1.jpg‎|12) Luminescence