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Tower Of Strength
Episode number: 106
First aired: 2/7/2010
Tower Of Strength.jpg
Written by: Skullman1392
Previous episode: Distractions
Next episode: A Thousand Words


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Kaitlin convinces Daniella to help pack.
  • When agents arrive at the house, Daniella fights to protect her brother and sister.


Jeez, little brothers are so irritating… Thankfully I can forget about him and everything else by watching TV. Daniella sits on the couch in her living room, watching “The Suite Life” to forget about her fight with Matt, who had just run upstairs. A few minutes later, after laughing at some punch lines and witnessing a display of creepy bugs being knocked over, Daniella hears her name called by her big sister: “Daniella, come here!”

Here we go… Daniella’s arms push her into a standing postion and then her legs walk to the stairs and begin to climb them, as if by their own will. “Why not, it’s not like I have a choice!” A few seconds later, Daniella opens her bdedroom door to find Kaitlin emptying her school backpack. “What are you doing?”

“Listen, some men are coming here to capture us and—”

“Wait, you actually listened to Matt?”

“Yes, Nate told him about it and said for Matt to get us out of the house.”

“Well, I thought he was just trying to mess with me like he always does.”

“If you had taken a second to listen to him, you would have noticed how freaked out he really is; he’s not faking anything.”

“Hey, don’t try to make me out to be the bad guy here, he’s always trying to freak me out or make fun of me and you know it! Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf?”

Kaitlin closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh. “Okay, fine Daniella, I get it. Can we just focus on what’s happening now?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thank you. Now these men aren’t going to give up if we aren’t at home, and they’re going to be watching our house if they’re smart, so we won’t be able to come home for a while. Since Matt can get us out of here in the blink of an eye, I say we take advantage of that and get as many clothes or other supplies we can for ourselves and anybody else we meet up with when we’re hiding. Can you please help me pack?”

“Alright.” Daniella grabs a duffel bag from her closet and opens her drawer to grab socks. As soon as she has emptied her top drawer of its socks and dumped them into the bag she hears her brother’s voice calling from downstairs:

“Girls, get down here!” Daniella and Kaitlin exchange a worried glance, drop their bags and run down the stairs. They enter the living room to see Matt standing in front of the front door, staring at the street. Oh no. No no no no no.

Daniella stays where she is, but Kaitlin runs to the doorway. She hears her scream, “Leave us alone! Go away!” but the worry and fear does not leave her sister’s face. We have to leave, the men were probably ready for her power.

“Oh God, we barely started packing! Get out of here! Leave!”

If we leave now we’ll be reduced to stealing to survive… Daniella walks towards her sibling standing at the door. “Kaitlin! It’s not working! They probably have earphones in; you know your power doesn’t work unless you can be heard!” Matt can speed up the process of packing but it still won’t be fast enough… “You two keep packing, I’ll hold them off.”

“What? Daniella, you can’t!”

“Oh, and you can, Matt? No, you need to help Kaitlin pack. Go upstairs and do that. Now!”

Matt stares at Daniella for a few more seconds before grabbing Kaitlin’s arm and speeding her through the living room, the kitchen, and then up the stairs.

Daniella turns around to face the doorway. She slams it shut and locks it, then runs through the doorway that connects the living room and the kitchen. Leave the back door unlocked for an escape route… The men will waste enough time trying to break down the door, but I need to stop them after they do that, at least momentarily… Daniella looks around the kitchen for a place to hold off the men. That’s it! The doorway from the living room to the kitchen! If I completely block that off, they can’t get in the rest of the house, plus Matt and Kaitlin can get down the stairs and out the back door.

She turns on the sink faucets and manipulates the water, while creating her own water, moving it to the doorway. When the water reaches the doorway, she freezes it from the floor up, creating a wall of ice.

A few seconds after she begins, she hears a loud thud on the door. Followed by another. And another. After a few more thuds, she hears the unmistakable sound of wood cracking. Oh no, I’m only a little more than half-way done! Another thud and creak sound. She starts to move and freeze water to the top and sides of the doorway, creating a hole in the ice wall right about where her head is. When the hole is about the size of a basketball, the men break through the front door. “Son of a—” Daniella shoots a jet of water from her hand through the hole at the first man to rush through, hitting him in the face and freezing the water as he stumbles backwards and falls on the men behind him. As she finishes closing the hole, Daniella hears an unmistakable shatter. That isn’t going to make them very happy…

Daniella starts towards the ice wall to make sure it is thick enough, but stops when she hears gunfire. She drops to the floor on instinct, but nothing has changed in the kitchen. She hears another shot, but again no bullets enter the room. They must be trying to break down my wall. Good luck, there’s no way that thing’s coming down. Daniella stands up and walks to the bottom of the stairs, calling up. “Hey guys, let’s go, we—” Daniella stops as she hears the clicking of the backyard gate opening. Beautiful. They figured out the only way in is through the back. Daniella moves to stand next to the sink again, putting her hands behind her back and turn them into water. Bring it on.

When two men rush in the door, Daniella stretches her arms in front of her, sending boiling hot water at the men’s heads. They both fall to the ground, screaming in agony. “You mess with my family, you’re gunna regret it.”

Daniella steps over the writhing men and walks out the back door. As she steps on the porch she sees four men running towards the gate from the front of the house. Okay, no biggie. Daniella runs down the stairs to stand in front of the above ground pool in the yard and turns to face the gate. She lifts her arms over her head, lifting all the water from the pool to create a gigantic wave that passes over her and hits the men once they enter the yard. She focuses on the water, freezing it after it knocks the men back, freezing two men to the fence and one to the ground. The fourth man was knocked out the gate by the wave, and frozen while he was still standing, causing his body to shatter as it hit the concrete.

Wow that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. That actually took a lot out of me… At least that was the last of them… Daniella walks towards the back of her house and looks through the fence that faces the street in front of the house. Just then, another black van pulls up. God, it never ends!

She gathers her strength as best as possible, getting into a fighting stance. A couple seconds later three agents run into the yard only to be hit by a large splash of water that Daniella had moved from the ground. The force is enough to make them stagger backwards, but they only fall down once Daniella freezes the water under their feet. Daniella then moves the ices up around their torsos, pinning them to the ground.

“How… do you like… that?” asks Daniella, running out of breath.

Daniella takes half a step forward as more agents run towards the yard. When the men get to the gate, Daniella shoots an big ice spike from her hands that impales the first man in the stomach. When he falls down, she sends ten icicles at the second man, hitting him in the chest and making him fall onto the man behind him.

“What did I say… about messing… with my… family?!” Daniella screams the last word, generating a large burst of water that knocks the remaining two men onto their backs.

Daniella’s shoulders slump down, having no energy to fight any more. She slowly starts to raise the water around the men to encase them in ice when she feels an electric shock pulse through her body. She screams in pain and blacks out.

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