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Kaitlin Schaffer
Portrayed by Sarah Hyland
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Persuasion
Age 16
Home Chicago
Siblings Nathaniel Schaffer,
Daniella Schaffer,
Matt Schaffer

Kaitlin Schaffer is a girl who discovers she can make people do what she says.

Character History


Kaitlin sits down accross the table from Nathaniel in the morning and witnesses him practicing his power. She gets annoyed by Daniella playing the piano and makes her stop. The two begin fighting about it. Nathaniel leaves, telling Kaitlin to wake up Matt.

Later, Nathaniel warns Matt to get Kaitlin and Daniella out of the house becuase they aren't safe there.

Thinking Logically

Kaitlin tries to wake up her sleeping brother. When he still hasn't gotten out of bed forty-five minutes later, she makes him get out of bed.

Later, Matt speeds up to Kaitlin's room and tells her that Nate told him about an operation to capture those with abilities, and that they need to leave the house. She thinks about the whole situtaion and deduces that this is a huge operation that they need to stop, and that they won't be able to stay at their home for a while. She decides that they need to gather as many clothes and necessities as possible, for themselves and others, since Matt can get them out of the house at any time. Kaitlin tells Matt to start getting boy's clothes and makes Daniella come to their room. Kaitlin explains to Daniella about what Matt has told her and about her plan.

Matt calls the girls to the front door, where they can see two black vans full of armed men dressed in all black. Kaitlin panics and tries, in vain, to make the men leave, but Daniella points out that the men must have earplugs, and can't hear her commands. Daniella tells Matt to take Kaitlin upstairs to pack, while she holds off the agents.

Tower Of Strength

Kaitlin makes Daniella come up to their room to ask her to help pack. Daniella is surprised that Kaitlin actually listened to Matt, but Kaitlin insists that Nate told him and that Matt was truly freaked out about the situation. Kaitlin then explains that she wants to help whoever they can by packing clothes and other supplies for when they are on the run. Daniella agrees to help.

A minute later, Matt calls the girls downstairs, where they find two black vans parked in front of their house. Kaitlin tries to no avail to force them to leave. Daniella says that they were ready for her power and can't hear her commands. Daniella then tells Kaitlin and Matt to keep packing while she holds off the men. Matt grabs Kaitlin and speeds up the stairs.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at a picture of herself helping Kaitlin with her hair.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin packs bags in her room and directs Matt in his packing. When they hear a loud noise from downstairs, Kaitlin convinces Matt that Daniella can handle it, and tells Matt not to tell Nathaniel what is happening. She asks him to keep packing and then she begins to worry about Daniella and the noises that continue. Matt returns with two bags so Kaitlin asks him to get all the money he and Nathaniel have. Kaitlin goes back to packing the girls' clothes as she tries to convince herself that Daniella can handle the situation. Matt returns with money and Kaitlin has him go through her purses for money while she retrieves Daniella's money from its hiding spot. She gets distracted by a photo of the four children but is pulled out of her little daydream by the sound of a gunshot. Matt screams, but Kaitlin holds and comforts him, even through the sound of a second gunshot. The two stand together, fearing the worst, when suddenly they hear Daniella calling up the stairs to them. Kaitlin is so relieved she almost collapses. She asks Matt to pack some toiletries and goes to investigate downstairs after Daniella does not answer her.

When she gets to the kitchen, she sees a wall of ice in the doorway to her left, and two men writhing in pain in front of the front door. Suddenly, Kaitlin witnesses a giant wave passing in front of the window and crashing into the fence, clearly thanks to Daniella. Kaitlin concludes that Daniella is okay and runs back upstairs. She says they have to leave, but Matt suggests taking Nathaniel's laptop for Alex to use; Kaitlin agrees and, once he has grabbed the laptopp and put it in the bag, helps Matt put on the bags. She puts the rest on, grabs Matt's arm, and speeds off with him.

As they leave the house, Kaitlin reflects upon moving at such high speeds and how it would appear that everything around them is frozen in time. They get to their battle-torn backyard to find that Daniella has been tasered. Kaitlin screams in fear, blaming herself for Daniella's injury. She attempts to remain calm and collected for Matt's sake, taking Daniella into her own arms. Matt runs them away from their home and Kaitlin suggests that Matt tell Nathaniel everything.

Evolved Human Abilities

Kaitlin has the ability of vocal persuasion. Any command she directs to somebody must be carried out. She has been shown to use her ability on multiple people at once.

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