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Matt Schaffer
Jimmy Bennett.jpg
Portrayed by Jimmy Bennett
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Super Speed
Formal name Matthew Schaffer
Age 11
Home Chicago
Siblings Nathaniel Schaffer,
Kaitlin Schaffer,
Daniella Schaffer

Matt Schaffer is a young boy who discovers he can run at super fast speeds.

Character History


Nathaniel tells Kaitlin to wake Matt up.

Later, Nathaniel warns Matt to get his sisters out of the house because some government men will be coming to take them away. Matt agrees to tell the girls what is going on. A few minutes later, Matt tells Nathaniel that he has a problem.

Thinking Logically

Kaitlin attempts to wake Matt up the normal way, but when this doesn't work, she forces him to get out of bed. Matt goes downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal and read the day's newspaper comics, but Daniella enters and comments on how late he is getting up. Matt asks her what time she got up, and she says she has been up since seven. He askes her why, but she only tells him to mind his own business and leaves the room. Matt forgets it and turns back to his mid-day breakfast.

Suddenly, Nathaniel enters his head and tells him to get the girls out of the house because some men will be coming soon to take them all away. Matt says he will tell the girls. He goes to the living room and tries to tell Daniella, but she is still upset with him and won't listen to what he has to say, so he speeds up to the girls' room where he finds Kaitlin and hurriedly tells her why they need to leave. Kaitlin tells him that they won't be able to come to their home for a long time, so they should try to gather as many necessities as possible, mainly clothes. Matt doesn't believe it is a good idea and that they should get out as soon as possible, but Kaitlin insists that he help her.

Matt reaches back out to Nate, telling him about Kaitlin's dangerous plan. Nathaniel agrees with Matt that it is very risky, but also recognizes the benefits it could have. Nathaniel tells Matt to hurry and to leave once the men arrive. As he talks with Nathaniel, he rushes around the house, grabbing clothes and stuffing them into his backpack. When he is almost finished he hears tires screech out front and rushes to the front door, where he sees a black van. After calling the girls downstairs, they see another van pull up, and the back doors of the first van open, armed agents dressed in black spilling out. When Kaitlin cannot make them leave, Daniella tells the other two to continue packing while she holds the men off. Matt does not believe she can do it, but the way she takes control of the situation convinces him enough to take Kaitlin back upstairs, although he is still worried.


Nathaniel mentions to Stephanie that he has a mind link open with Matt.

Tower Of Strength

Kaitlin mentions to Daniella that Matt told her about some men coming to capture them. Daniella is shocked that Kaitlin believes him, thinking that Matt was just messing with her, but Kaitlin insists that Nate told him and that Matt is genuinly freaked out. Kaitlin says that they should pack things for themselves and others on the run because Matt can get them out of there in an instant.

A few minutes later, Matt calls the girls downstairs to show them two black vans that have pulled up out front. Daniella tells Kaitlin and Matt to continue packing while she holds off the agents, but Matt says she can't do it. Daniella insists that she can do it better then him and tells him to take Kaitlin upstairs. Matt, shocked, obeys her, speeding upstairs with Kaitlin.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at a picture of Matt, Daniella, and Nathaniel.


Max thinks of Matt while he is running, wishing that he had Matt's ability.

Now Go We In Content

Matt helps Kaitlin pack clothes for himself and for Alex. He begins packing Nathaniel's clothes upon Kaitlin's request but runns back to the girls' room when he hears a load thud from downstairs. He is afraid, but Kaitlin assures him that Daniella can handle it. She tells him not to tell Nathaniel that the government men have arrived and asks him to continue packing Nathaniel's clothes. He goes back to the room he shares with Nathaniel and finishes packing his clothes; then he brings the two bags he has packed to Kaitlin. Then he gets all the money he and Nathaniel have and starts going through Kaitlin's purses for money when he hears a gunshot. He freezes with terror, but Kaitlin holds him through the next gunshot, too. The two share a moment of fear until they hear Daniella call up the stairs to them. Kaitlin asks Matt to gather some toiletries while she goes down to check on Daniella.

When she comes back, Matt has got everything she asked for and he suggests to grab Nathaniel's laptop for Alex to use. Kaitlin agrees with him so Matt gets and then then they grab the bags and speed down the stairs. They make it to the backyard to see that Daniella has been tasered. Kaitlin screams but Matt stays calm and tries to pick Daniella up to carry her away. Kaitlin settles down and takes Daniella while Matt speeds them away from their home. As they leave, Kaitlin asks Matt to tell Nathaniel everything.

Evolved Human Abilities

Matt has the ability to move at superhuman speeds. He can extend his ability to at least two other people, allowing them to move with him at superhuman speed without harm.

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