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Nathaniel Schaffer
Hunted N.jpg
Portrayed by Aaron Johnson
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Granted ability:
Telekinesis (synthetic)
Nickname Nate
Age 17
Occupation Lifegaurd
Siblings Kaitlin Schaffer,
Daniella Schaffer,
Matt Schaffer

Nathaniel Schaffer is a boy who discovers he can both read minds and move things.

Character History


Nathaniel wakes up and gets ready to go to work. While eating breakfast, he shows off his ability to move things with his mind to Kaitlin, and then witnesses the beginning of a fight between Kaitlin and Daniella. Nathaniel leaves, telling Kaitlin to wake Matt up soon.

At work, Nathaniel is watching the water when an unmarked helicopter appears. Nathaniel, curious, searches the minds of the men inside, discovering the plot to capture evolved humans and that these men are going to capture Max. Nathaniel warns Max to get out of his house and head to an abandoned warehouse on State Street, where somebody will meet him. Nathaniel then tells Scott to leave summer school and go get his little brother and have him find Max. Scott agrees, and Nathaniel relizes he has to warn the others, because they are all targets. Nathaniel tells Matt to get his sisters out of the house and and Matt says he will tell them. Nathaniel then warns Dimitri and, after a little arguement, gets Dimitri to agree to get Krystal and then to get Sophia and take both of them to Canada, where everyone will meet. Nathaniel then tries to get Stephanie to save April, but Stephanie refuses. Nathaniel tries to argue with her, but he is interupted by Matt, who says he has a problem. Nathaniel laments that it is going to be a long day.


Nathaniel contacts Scott and informs him that Max is being hunted. He asks Scott to get his little brother and have him help find Max. Scott replies that he will do his best, and Nathaniel thanks him.

Thinking Logically

Nathaniel tells Matt about the men coming to get his family, telling Matt to get the girls out of the house. After discussing the situation with Kaitlin, who decides that they should pack clothes and things for everybody else who is being hunted, Matt reaches out to Nathaniel and informs him of Kaitlin's plan. Nathaniel agrees that it could be dangerous, but it could definitely have its benefits. Nathaniel tells Matt to move as fast as he can and to leave once the men show up.

Cruel To Be Kind

Nathaniel makes a connection with Dimitri, warning him about men that will be coming to take him away. He convinces a reluctant Dimitri to leave to save Krystal and Sophia, telling Dimitri to bring them to Canada.

Later, when Dimitri sees a black van from the roof of Sophia's home, Dimitri finds the mental connection Nathaniel had previously made and uses it to call out to Nathaniel, asking him for his help.


Nathniel interupts Stephanie at work, telling her to leave to save herself and April from men attemting to capture them. Stephanie claims that she is safe and that she doesn't care what happens to April. Nathaniel says that the two girls used to be best friends, but Stephanie disregards this. Nathaniel tries to argue back, but is cut off.

Later, Nathaniel again enters Stephanie's mind, telling her that everyone, not just Stephanie and April, are being hunted and that almost everyone have been attacked already. Stephanie asks why he did not warn April himself, but Nathaniel says that he has too many mind links open already and that April is too far away to keep a steady connection with her. When Stephanie asks why she has to be the one to save April, Nathaniel say that she was the best and only option he had at the time. He warns her that April is the only one who doesn't know about the operation and that unless Stephanie really wants April to be injured or even killed, she needs to leave now. Stephanie finally agrees, and Nathaniel tells her to hurry.

Tower Of Strength

Kaitlin tells Daniella that Nathaniel had warned Matt about the men coming to capture them.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of Nathaniel and their friends. The pictures include them all ice skating, them all in Nathaniel's basement, Nathaniel with the other boys in Max's kitchen, and Alex kicking Nathaniel's butt at videos games. Also among the photos are the eight friends bowling and all of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Sophia then looks at an electronic drum set that she used to use with Nathaniel, Stephanie, and Max.

Later, Krystal tells Sophia that Nathaniel had told Dimitri to take the two girls out of the country to be safe.


Max relives the fear he felt when Nathaniel told him to leave his house. When Max meets Scott and Alex at the abandoned warehouse, Scott tells Max that Nathaniel sent them. Then Max finds the mind link with Nathaniel and opens it again, asking Nathaniel what they should do now that they have met safely. Nathaniel tells them to get to Canada and that he will let them know more details as they are worrked out. Max thanks him and Nathaniel tells Max to let him know it anything comes up.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin and Matt pack many of Nathaniel's clothes, so that he and the other boys will have extra clothes. Kaitlin tells Matt not to tell Nate that the men are attacking them and asks him to keep packing his clothes. When Matt is finished, he finds Nathaniel's wallet and gives it to Kaitlin. Matt also thinks to get Nathaniel's laptop for Alex to use. They leave only to find a tasered Daniella, whom they carry away. As they flee their home, Kaitlin tells Matt to tell Nathaniel everything.

Evolved Human Abilities

Nathaniel naturally possesses the ability to read the minds of others. With time, he developed his ability to create a "mind link" with people as a means of communication.

Nathaniel recently discovered that he was injected as a baby with an experimental formula, and thus recieved a second ability. Nathaniel can move objects with his mind. He is still learning to control it, but can lift chairs, for example, off the ground and fling them accross the room.

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