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Stephanie Kirkwood
Portrayed by Diana Vickers
First appearance Warnings
In-story stats
Known ability Flight
Age 18
Home Chicago
Occupation Working at a Starbucks

Stephanie Kirkwood is a girl who discovers she can fly.

Character History


Nathaniel warns Stephanie that government agents will be coming to capture her and that she should leave work and save April. Stephanie retorts that armed men wouldn't rush into a Starbucks close to a police station and that she doesn't care what happens to April. Nathaniel reminds her that they used to be best friends, but Stephanie dismisses this.


Stephanie and Brittney deal with the broken espresso machine, cleaning up the mess. When they are done, Stephanie goes to the register and takes the order of a very rude man. As she goes to make the man's drink, Nathaniel enters her mind. He tells her that she needs to leave work to get April, but Stephanie says she can't stand her. After Stephanie hands the man his drink, Nathaniel begins to explain the government operation. Stephanie believes she will be safe where she is, but Nathaniel argues that April is by no means safe. Stephanie says she doesn't care, despite the two girls having been best friends. Suddenly Brittney interupts Stephanie's thoughts, saying that Stephanie hasn't made the past few drinks she was asked to make. Stephanie says that she is just distracted, so Brittney tells her to take her lunch break to clear her mind. Stephanie thanks her and walks out the back.

Stephanie goes to a park across the street from her work and sits on a bench, watching children play in the playground. As she is thinking about what would happen if men did come for her, Nathaniel re-enters her mind. He explains that everyone is being hunted, not just Stephanie and April. Stephanie asks how he knows this and he explains that an unmarked black helicopter flew by and he heard men thinking about it. He also says that everyone else is fighting to escape. Stephanie asks why he didn't warn April himself, but Nathaniel says he could sustain a mind link with her from such a distance and with five already open. Stephanie wonders why he's asking her to help April, and Nate says that everyone else is already busy; he says that April is the only one who doesn't know about it and that Stephanie is the only one not doing anything else. Stephanie gives in and Nathaniel tells her to hurry before it's too late.

Stephanie gets up and walk back to the alley behind the Starbucks. Once she is sure no one is around, she shoots into the sky and heads towards April's home. A few minutes later, as she gets close, she notices an unmarked black helicopter hovering in place. She laments that this is not her day as she continues flying towards the helicopter.

A Thousand Words

Sophia looks at pictures of Stephanie and their friends. The pictures include them all ice skating, them all in Nathaniel's basement, Stephanie at a pool with Dimitri, Krystal, and Scott, and Stephanie with April and Sophia in April's car. Also among the photos are Stephanie in Krystal's bedroom with the girls, the eight friends bowling and the eight of them posing for homecoming pictures in April's living room. Later, Sophia looks at an electronic drum set that she used to use with Stephanie, Max, and Nathaniel.


April thinks about Stephanie, remembering the time they went downtown to see Wicked and wondering why their fight got so out of hand. April decides to try to talk to Stephanie about it, but government men break into her house before she can call her.

Later, as April is fighting off men in a soccer field, Stephanie tackles a man in the government helicopter, sending him plummeting to the ground. Stephanie then flies down to April, telling her she is there to rescue her. April doesn't understand why Stephanie is there, but Stephanie says she doesn't want April to get hurt. April says she doesn't want Stephanie to get hurt either and that she needs to leave. Stephanie tells April that she can get them out safely, but April believes that she will only weigh Stephanie down, leading to both of them getting caught. Stephanie tries to argue, but April insists. Stephanie and April both apologize for everything and then Stephanie flies away crying while April is subsequently captured.

Now Go We In Content

Kaitlin packs many of her clothes with Stephanie in mind, knowing that Stephanie will need extra clothes.

Evolved Human Abilities

Stephanie has been flying ever since she was a little girl. She inherited her ability from her mother, who taught Stephanie how to fly.

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