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Issue #: 108
Released: October 20, 2009
Adam has been given a lifeline.
After Arthur tries to steal his power, Adam thanks Maury for saving him. Adam now has to make his way off and try to start over...


Arthur grabs Adam and begins to steal his ability, turning him to dust. This turns out to be partly a mental illusion made by Maury who tells Adam to run.

Adam remembers how he has been so careless and notes now he can't afford to be as his power has been noticabely weakened, and is covered in cuts and bruises. As he turns a corner, Dr. Livitz asks who he is, but Adam hits him and renders him unconcious. He then notices a board of people who are to be contacted by Pinehearst, and Adam muses how useless Hiro will be to them, let alone his friend. He also observes Samedi and The German's photos, but upon seeing the latter marked as deceased is clearly angered. Adam then notices a gun left by Livitz on a nearby desk which he then takes, promising to be return to Pinehearst.

As Adam exits through a backdoor, he notices one of his cuts is still bleeding a bit, but is gradually healing over. Adam uses some of his blood to create the symbol which he leaves on the ground, just as he did with the death threats.

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  • This graphic novel is a set up for the episode Dual.
  • Baron Samedi is alluded to, despite having not appeared properly. This explains that Arthur intended to visit him in person in the coming days.

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