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I shall placed upcoming spoilers here...

Upcoming chapters

War in Haiti, Part 1

War in Haiti, Part 2

The Glory Days
I Am the Cockroach

Chapter Two -- War in Haiti, Part 1
Release Date: TBA
Deep within the jungles of Haiti, the militia of Baron Samedi haul a crate on to land, the trouble is it contains the formula, having been stolen when a ship was hijacked. While Pinehearst descends on the jungle, the army stand strong and put everyone in danger as the Haitian comes up against his brother. Claire meanwhile heads to Washington for a talk with Nathan that could change the course of history...
Chapter Three -- War in Haiti, Part 2
Release Date: TBA
Chapter Four -- The Glory Days
Release Date: TBA
Chapter Five -- I Am the Cockroach
Release Date: TBA

Other spoilers

Date Source Spoiler
June 12 User:SylarMonroe NEW! 1.05 has been renamed I Am the Cockroach and will feature Mohinder!
June 9 User:SylarMonroe Primatech and its employees in 2009 will be shown in 1.06 which is untitled, but 1.05 will be entitled I'm a Geneticist.
June 7 User:SylarMonroe There are plans for a villain who can raise and control the dead.
June 4 User:SylarMonroe on User talk:Danko Adam and Maury are dead in this timeline, and the eclipse did not take place. Samedi appears in the next two-parter (obviously) and there is a plan for Barbara, but not just yet...
June 3 User:SylarMonroe We will possibly discover more about what happened in the year 2008 at a later point, maybe not this volume.
June 3 User:SylarMonroe on User talk:Danko Chapter 4 will involve a Level 5-centric storyline.
June 2 User:SylarMonroe Roach and Fletch from 1.01 will become more prominent in later chapters, and more prisoners will be revealed, including some old faces.
June 1 User:SylarMonroe Sylar may not appear in this volume, at least not within the first four chapters.
June 1 User:SylarMonroe We will revisit the Level 5 escapees.