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Marco Rossi
Portrayed by Nicholas D'Agosto
First appearance It's Not Easy
In-story stats
Known ability Fire mimicry

Marco Rossi is a man who interrupt Red Carpet's path.

Character History

It's Not Easy

In the present, Red Carpet is lefting the house of the family he've killed. Marco tell him that he is his "fan" and tell him who he's also special. Later, Marco turn his body into fire and fly for the room. Red Carpet use the wind and make him fall in the ground. Then, he's attempting to kill Marco, but Marco tell him who can help him. Later, they're in a car together directed to Hollywood from the next victim, Andrew Jackson.


Marco arrive at Andrew Jackson's home with Red Carpet. He want also go inside the house but Red Carpet tell him who can do this alone.

Evolved Human Abilities

Marco can turn his body into fire, with this ability, he can also fly. (It's Not Easy)

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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