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Angie Drew, Part 1
Web. #: 01
Released: January 01, 2010
How does a girl to escape his fate?


  • A young woman tragically discovers her power.


<<Angie Drew - New York, NY>>

Grandparents, parents, cousin (F) and cousin (M) Angie:- Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Angie, happy birthday to you!

Angie's mom:- Make a wish!

In his head, Angie expresses the wish that his parents come back together.

Angie's cousin (F):- Move fools! Expresses the desire so I go home, brat!

Angie:- Stop it, Jeckie!

Angie's cousin (M):- Hey, stop both!

Angie:- Is possible that you should always ruin everything, Jackie?

Jackie:- It's my job.

Angie saw the wry smile on the face of Jackie, threw a punch in the face. Jackie said Angie throwing to the ground. Angie accidentally touch a piece of wood and his hand turns into it.

Jackie:- What the hell ...

Angie took a hand punch of wood to Jackie, who "flew" and fell a few feet away.

Angie's cousin (M):- Jackie! Angie, what have you done??

Angie:- I...I...

Meanwhile, Angie's hand had returned to normal while the father of Angie listened to the beat of Jackie.

Angie's father:- She...she's dead!

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Memorable Quotes

"Move fools! Expresses the desire so I go home, brat!"

--Jackie, (to Angie)

Character Appearance

  • Angie Drew (1)
  • Jeckie (1)
  • Angie's cousin (1)
  • Angie's father (1)
  • Angie's mother (1)
  • Angie's grandparents (1)

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