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Angie Drew, Part 2
Web. #: 02
Released: January 04, 2010
Angie will be the only special?


  • Angie meets her friend, who has a secret.

Story Development

Miranda James · Smoke mimicry


Angie Drew's birthday, his cousin Jackie took it around, she pulled a fist and Jackie has thrown to the ground. Angie accidentally touched the wooden table and his hand has become of that material. Then he threw a punch at Jackie, killing her.

Angie's father:- She...she's dead!

Angie ran out of the house...

Angie's mother:- Come back, darling!

Angie's father:- Is useless Carey, will not be back...

Meanwhile, Angie had gone to her friend, Miranda James.

Angie:- Miranda! Miranda!

Miranda:- Calm down! What the hell is happened?

Angie:- I...i've kill Jackie!

Miranda:- Come on, no joke!

Angie:- No, it's the truth, look!

Angie touch the table and his hand turns into plastic...

Angie:- It's happened the same thing, only with wood!

Miranda:- Hence, i'm not the only one...

Angie:- The only thing to do what?

Miranda snaps his fingers and turns into smoke...

Angie:- Miranda!

Miranda:- Angie, it's me! I've also some...powers!

Then returns normal...

Angie:- What can I do now?

Miranda:- What can WE do...I come too, Angie!

Miranda's mother (from downstairs):- Miranda, there Mrs Drew wants talk toyou about Angie!

Miranda:- Angie, run! I'll take you away!

Miranda touches Angie and both become smoke...

Miranda's mother:- Miranda come down! Miranda!

So goes upstairs...

Miranda's mother:- Miranda, where are you???

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Memorable Quotes

"Calm down! What the hell is happened?"

"I...i've kill Jackie!"

--Miranda James, Angie

Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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