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* This is my character entrance for [[User:Iheartheroes/Gulp Ninja Series|Gulp Ninja Series Contest]].
* This is my character entry for [[User:Gulp-Ninja Series|The Gulp-Ninja Series contest]].

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Elizabeth Delcad
In-story stats
Known ability Self-Replication
Nickname Z
Age 18
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Thief

Elizabeth is a former thief who can replicate her-self.

Character History

Years ago, Elizabeth was leaving a store with stolen clothing, when arrived at her car, she found that it did not work, then used his power and has been replicated and is playing by different paths. The officers chased her, unfortunately the real one, and she battled against something. The problem is that there was nothing in front of them. At some point, a voice spoke and told her to trust and follow him. The voice took her to a deserted warehouse and walked out of invisibility. He introduced himself, Steve Orwal he said Delcad Elizabeth, she said. Entambi talked for a few hours on their skills and their life to know very well. Later, the two took their leave and left promising to meet again. A few months later, Elizabeth called Steve saying he was in danger in the shed where they had been the first time. Steve went straight from her and saw that some guys held her prisoner and beat her. Steve was furious and went with his pistol and started firing wildly. He killed two of the three people, then let down his gun and became invisible. Steve hit the last one left with a brute force and kill him. Then along came Elizabeth and freed once again promising to meet again, but different circumstances. Together they laughed and went off to different routes, Steve invisible and Elizabeth with a clone next door. Elizabeth has since met with a man who has introduced into a Carnival, she now works there as a replicant as was another man.

Evolved Human Abilities

Elizabeth con replicate her-self.