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| 4x17 || [[The Wall]] || Referred to the wall which behind are locked Sylar and Peter in the dream. || '''A street in Sylar's telepathic dream.'''
| 4x17 || [[The Wall]] || Referred to the wall which behind are locked Sylar and Peter in the dream. || '''A street in Sylar's telepathic dream.'''
| 4x18 || [[Brave New World]] || The state of the world after Claire exposes her ability. || '''The floor of the Carnival.'''
| 4x18 || [[Episode:Brave New World (Heroes)|Brave New World]] || The state of the world after Claire exposes her ability. || '''The floor of the Carnival.'''

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This subpage explains why the writers of Heroes have chosen these titles for the episodes. Made by Tanderix. With the help of: Yoshi n1, Mc hammark, Ricard Desi, PJDEP, MIDAS and Leckie. Feel free to edit the page. :)

Episode Nr. Episode Name Meaning of the Name Episode Title Image
1x00 Volume One: Genesis Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis is the first volume of Heroes. "Genesis" also means "origin" or "starting point". None.
1x01 Genesis Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis is the first episode of Heroes. "Genesis" also means "origin" or "starting point". On a rooftop in New York.
1x02 Don't Look Back Probably refers to Niki running from her life, the murder's she has committed and the lies she's told, and not looking back. On a rooftop in New York.
1x03 One Giant Leap This phrase comes from the statement by Neil Armstrong as he landed on the moon: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." On Niki's car.
1x04 Collision Brody's car collides with a brick wall, sending him and Claire to the hospital. On Niki's sheet.
1x05 Hiros A second Hiro appears in the timeline. This title is also a pun on the name of the show itself. On a black background.
1x06 Better Halves Niki's ability causes her to have a split personality, and therefore a better half. On the floor of Isaac's loft.
1x07 Nothing to Hide During the conversation at the Petrelli's mansion, Peter mentions this. On the New York's river.
1x08 Seven Minutes to Midnight The episode's title refers to the time on Sylar's watch when Sylar kills Chandra Suresh. The time "seven minutes to midnight" is itself a reference to the time on the Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists when the show's first season began. On a beach in India.
1x09 Episode:Homecoming Peter encounters Claire and Sylar at Homecoming. On the floor of Claire's school.
1x10 Six Months Ago The events narrated in this episode take place six months ago. In the window of "Gray & Sons"
1x11 Fallout Fallout refers to radiation, this is one of the first times we see induced radioactivity, Ted's ability. This episode also details the fallout of the events at Homecoming. On a wall in Peter's police cell.
1x12 Godsend Ando figures out the Symbol on Kensei's sword means "godsend" In Niki's cell.
1x13 The Fix Claude tries to fix Peter's ability and Niki tries to get her mind fixed. Also, a "fix" can mean a rigged situation, referring to Parkman or Claire's lies to their families. In the second Niki's cell.
1x14 Distractions Kaito says to Hiro: "No more distractions". On Eden McCain.
1x15 Run! Matt and Aron attempt to run away from Jessica. On the ground in Nathan's office.
1x16 Unexpected Claude tells to Peter to do something unexpected with his abilities. On Matt's socks' tray.
1x17 Company Man Noah's dedication to the Company makes him a "company man". On Bennet's texas home.
1x18 Parasite Mohinder calls Sylar a parasite who feeds on other evolved humans. On Isaac's loft's floor.
1x19 .07% Linderman tells Nathan .07% of the world population will die in the explosion. .
1x20 Five Years Gone The events narrated in this episode take place five years in the future. On a devasted New York.
1x21 The Hard Part When Hiro and Ando returns from the future, Hiro states that it's time for "the hard part. Near Hiro and Ando.
1x22 Landslide Thanks to Micah's ability, Nathan wins the election in a landslide victory. On Isaac's loft's floor.
1x23 How to Stop an Exploding Man A reference back to Hiro's question "How do you stop an exploding man?" On Sylar's painting colors.
2x00 Volume Two: Generations Referencing to the acts of the elder generations that have now had an effect on the present generation. On a field when Hiro arrives in the past.
2x01 Four Months Later The events in this episode take place four months later the Kirby Plaza events. On a black background.
2x02 Lizards Claire's professor explains the lizard can regenerate, exactly like Claire. On Sandra's eggs.
2x03 Kindred Kindred is referred to in Mohinder's closing monologue in How to stop an Exploding man. It refers to children. On Bennet's costa verde's home.
2x04 The Kindness of Strangers Alejandro, Maya and Derek (all strangers to Sylar) help Sylar. On Micah's window's room in Dawson's home.
2x05 Fight or Flight In the opening monologue, Mohinder says "When confronted by our worst nightmares, the choices are few: fight, or flight. We hope to find the strength to stand against our fears but sometimes, despite ourselves, we run. What if the nightmare gives chase? Where can we hide then? ". Also, the term "fight or flight" was coined by American physiologist Walter Cannon in 1915 to describe the actions of the sympathetic nervous system. .
2x06 The Line The police line. On the police "Do Not Cross" line upon Ricky's dead body.
2x07 Out of Time In this episode, Peter and Caitlin go out of time. On Claire's blankets.
2x08 Four Months Ago... The events in this place take place four months ago the actual timeline. On a black background.
2x09 Cautionary Tales Mohinder mentions cautionary tales in his closing monologue in I am Become Death, however this was after this episode. In Aoyama Cemetery.
2x10 Truth & Consequences The consequences of Noah's lack of truth, death. On Noah's arm.
2x11 Powerless Sylar says to Mohinder that he is powerless. On a mirror.
3x00 Volume Three: Villains This volume shows the villains who escaped from level 5. On a window in a alley.
3x01 The Second Coming The second coming refers to the second coming of Christ. This could be either Nathan's coming back from the dead, or Sylar's recollecting of powers beginning with Claire. The floor of the place where Nathan have a conference.
3x02 The Butterfly Effect "The butterfly effect" means that if you change something in the past will have consequences in the future. In the armachair of Bennet's apartment.
3x03 One of Us, One of Them One of Us means of the human and One of them means of the evolved human. On a black background.
3x04 I Am Become Death The phrase "I am Become Death" is what J. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb, said when he watched the first nuclear explosion during a test in the desert of New Mexico. These are the verses from the Bhagavad-Gita, the sacred book of Hindu religion. The phrase seems to refer not only nuclear explosion caused by Sylar, but also at the devastating consequences of the new power of Peter. This could also refer to Peter seeing his future self die. In Mohinder's lab.
3x05 Angels and Monsters In the opening monologue Nathan asks himself about his life if he is an angel or a monster. This may also refer to the fact Linderman calls Nathan and himself Angels, and Stephen Canfield saying that he won't be a monster. On Nathan's fridge.
3x06 Dying of the Light Do not go gentle into that good night is a poem by Dylan Thomas. It seems to refer to the loss of Peter's powers. On Arthur's bed.
3x07 Eris Quod Sum Latin for 'you will be what I am.' Seems to refer to Arthur and Peter. Outside the Bennet's home garage.
3x08 Villains Referring to the history of the villains that are shown. On the opening titles eclipse.
3x09 It's Coming Referring to the eclipse that is coming. On a wall in Pinehearts building.
3x10 The Eclipse, Part 1 Referring to the eclipse in act. On Arthur's sketchbook.
3x11 The Eclipse, Part 2 Referring to the eclipse in act. On a leaf in Haiti.
3x12 Our Father Referring to Sylar, who think that Peter's father is also his father. Also refers to the lords prayer. On Charles Deveaux's rooftop in 1991.
3x13 Dual Referring to the fight between Primatech and Pinehearst. On Arthur's blood.
3x00B Volume Four: Fugitives In this volume every evolved human is a fugitive from Danko's operation. On the President car.
3x14 A Clear and Present Danger The "Clear and Present Danger" is Danko and his operation. This is a phrase used by the Supreme Court during a discussion about the Espionage Act, where they declared it constitutional to temporarily suspend basic rights in the face of a "clear and present danger" On the fire station where Hiro takes Ando.
3x15 Trust and Blood Could refer to the relationship between Luke and Sylar. On a black background.
3x16 Building 26 Referring to the building used for Evolved Human's. On a mug in Bennet's apartment.
3x17 Cold Wars The Cold War were the many small skirmishes that occured between America and Russia in the 20th Century. On a wall in Building 26.
3x18 Exposed Referring to Peter and Matt's threat to expose Danko and the operation, and also the revelation of Nathan being an evolved humans. On a wardrobe in Bennet's apartment.
3x19 Shades of Gray Referencing to Sylar and Samson who's surname is both Gray. Shades of Grey is a common phrase used to describe there not being a fine line between right and wrong, and than things aren't black and white. In Claire's microwave.
3x20 Cold Snap Referring to Tracy's power. In Tracy's Building 26 cell.
3x21 Into Asylum The "Asylum" is referred to the church where Peter and Angela hide. In an alley where Peter and Angela land.
3x22 Turn and Face the Strange A line from the David Bowie song 'Changes.' Could refer to the relationship between Danko and Sylar, or Shape Shifting. In the bag where the fake Sylar is closed.
3x23 1961 Referred to the year where Angela, Charles, Daniel and Bob form the Company. On a skull in Coyote Sands.
3x24 I Am Sylar Referring to Sylar's use of shapeshifting to be others yet wanting to be himself. On Sylar's arm written by Telekinesis.
3x25 An Invisible Thread Referencing to the fact the main characters all come together to cremate Sylar and are bound by invisible threads. Could also refer to telekinesis. On an airplane.
4x00 Volume Five: Redemption In this volume characters look for redemption. In Kent Harper's Apartment and At Joseph's funeral.
4x01 Orientation Referred to Claire's orientation in the new school. Claire at the college
4x01B Jump, Push, Fall This episode is named after the test that the police use to see if a person has committed suicide or was murdered. HRG opens the refrigerator to give drink to Peter.
4x02 Ink Refers to Samuel's ability. Samuel with his power.
4x03 Acceptance Hiro's accepting his faith and has to deal with his mistakes and accepting his dying Tracy's bath.
4x04 Hysterical Blindness Seen Emma explaining this to her mother, about how her power is described in the old days, synethesia The floor of the Carnival.
4x05 Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa means "blank slate" in Latin. This refers to Sylar's blank mind. Hiro's bed hospital.
4x06 Strange Attractors Referring to an issue of science that concerns attractors that although the same have nothing in common, just like Claire and Gretchen. The tents of Parkman's house.
4x07 Once Upon a Time in Texas Referred to the fact that Hiro went back in time in texas. Hiro back in Texas.
4x08 Shadowboxing The title of the episode refers to both Becky's invisibility and the rivalry between Matt and Sylar. The "Sylar"'s trailer.
4x09 Brother's Keeper The title is due to the relationship between Peter and his brother Nathan and Joseph and his brother Samuel. On Carnival's lights.
4x10 Thanksgiving Reported that eponymous American holiday celebrating the players during the episode. On windows and on the wall of the apartment of Peter.
4x11 The Fifth Stage Angela tells Peter that there are five stages of grief, and he's taking the fifth. This is acceptance. On a black background.
4x12 Upon This Rock Referring to the rock where Samuel and Joseph would go when they were young. The floor of the Carnival.
4x13 Let It Bleed Referring to Claire's want to feel pain after she is cut. May also be a more general reference; it's better to let grief flow (or bleed) then keep it all inside. The wall of Petrelli manor.
4x14 Close to You Noah and Lauren get quite close during this episode. The floor of Noah's apartment.
4x15 Pass/Fail Reffering to Hiro's dream sequence court-room case. A table in Noah's apartment
4x16 The Art of Deception Samuel's deception of the carnies and the true identity of Lydia's killer A stair in Sullivan Bros. Carnival.
4x17 The Wall Referred to the wall which behind are locked Sylar and Peter in the dream. A street in Sylar's telepathic dream.
4x18 Brave New World The state of the world after Claire exposes her ability. The floor of the Carnival.