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Episode Nr. Episode Name Meaning of the Name Episode Title Image Episode Image
4x01a Orientation Referred to Claire's orientation in the new school. Claire at the college Claire and Annie in a classroom.
4x01b Jump, Push, Fall This episode is named after the test that makes the police to see if a person has committed suicide or was murdered. HRG opens the refrigerator to give drink to Peter. Claire who has experienced the "Jump, Push, Fall" test.
4x02 Ink Referred to Samuel power to manipulate the ink. Samuel with his power. Samuel puts the ink in a image.
4x03 Acceptance Unknown The Tracy's bath. Hiro and Tadashi on the Yamagato's roof.
4x04 Hysterical Blindness Unknown The floor of the Carnival. Sylar interrogation.
4x05 Tabula Rasa Unknown Hiro's bed hospital. Sylar in the house of mirrors.
4x06 Strange Attractors Referring to an issue of science that concerns attractors that although the same have nothing in common, just like Claire and Gretchen. The tents of Parkman's house. Claire and Gretchen.
4x07 Once Upon a Time in Texas Referred to the fact that Hiro went back in time in texas. Hiro back in Texas. The kiss of Charlie and Hiro.
4x08 Shadowboxing The title of the episode refers to both Becky's invisibility and the rivalry between Matt and Sylar. The "Sylar"'s trailer. "Sylar" in Matt's body before being shooted.
4x09 Brother's Keeper The title is due to the relationship between Peter and his brother Nathan and Joseph and his brother Samuel. On Carnival's lights. Peter and Nathan on the Grand Canyon.
4x10 Thanksgiving Reported that eponymous American holiday celebrating the players during the episode. On windows and on the wall of the apartment of Peter. Sylar forces Angela e Peter to dine with him on Thanksgiving.
4x11 The Fifth Stage