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Episode Nr. Episode Name Meaning of the Name Episode Title Image
3x01 The Second Coming Unknown The floor of the place where Nathan have a conference.
3x02 The Butterfly Effect "The butterfly effect" means that if you change something in the past will have consequences in the future. In the armachair of Bennet's apartment.
3x03 One of Us, One of Them One of Us means of the human and One of them means of the evolved human. On a black background.
4x01a Orientation Referred to Claire's orientation in the new school. Claire at the college
4x01b Jump, Push, Fall This episode is named after the test that makes the police to see if a person has committed suicide or was murdered. HRG opens the refrigerator to give drink to Peter.
4x02 Ink Referred to Samuel power to manipulate the ink. Samuel with his power.
4x03 Acceptance Unknown The Tracy's bath.
4x04 Hysterical Blindness Unknown The floor of the Carnival.
4x05 Tabula Rasa Unknown Hiro's bed hospital.
4x06 Strange Attractors Referring to an issue of science that concerns attractors that although the same have nothing in common, just like Claire and Gretchen. The tents of Parkman's house.
4x07 Once Upon a Time in Texas Referred to the fact that Hiro went back in time in texas. Hiro back in Texas.
4x08 Shadowboxing The title of the episode refers to both Becky's invisibility and the rivalry between Matt and Sylar. The "Sylar"'s trailer.
4x09 Brother's Keeper The title is due to the relationship between Peter and his brother Nathan and Joseph and his brother Samuel. On Carnival's lights.
4x10 Thanksgiving Reported that eponymous American holiday celebrating the players during the episode. On windows and on the wall of the apartment of Peter.
4x11 The Fifth Stage Angela tells Peter that there are five stages of dolor, and he's taking the fifth. On a black background.
4x12 Upon This Rock Referring to the rock where Samuel and Joseph go when were young. The floor of the Carnival.
4x13 Let It Bleed Unknown The wall of Petrelli manor.
4x14 Close to You Unknown The floor of Noah's apartment.
4x15 Pass/Fail Unknown A table in Noah's apartment
4x16 The Art of Deception Unknown A stair in SUllivan Bros. Carnival.
4x17 The Wall Referred to the wall which behind are locked Sylar and Peter in the dream. A strett in Sylar's telepathic dream.
4x18 Brave New World Unknown The floor of the Carnival.