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My first major creation to was the page List of survived shootings. I began to notice that there were lots and lots of guns and people getting shot, but Simone and D.L. were the only ones who died (and the show even retconned itself saying that D.L. didn't die from the first shooting, but actually died from another shooting). Regardless, I figured that at this point, surviving shootings was a significant part of the show and it deserved an article. So that's my contribution.

For fun, here's a tally of main characters and the number of times they've survived shootings:

Adam: 1
Ando: 1
Angela: 0 (I don't think shooting an old lady would do well for the ratings)
Claire: 4
Daphne: 1/2 (She survived for a while)
D.L.: 1 (Which, as said above, was originally fatal, but retconned to be nonfatal)
Elle: 2
Isaac: 0 (Well, he's dead now, so I guess he can't really survive a shooting)
Hiro: 2
Matt: 2
Maya: 1
Micah: 1/2 (Sylar shape shifted into him and he got shot)
Mohinder: 0 (Lots of people have pulled guns on him though)
Monica: 0 (Same for her)
Nathan: 1
Niki: 1
Noah: 2
Peter: 2
Simone: 0 (Although she did NOT survive one shooting)
Sylar: 8
Tracy: ? (Did she die when Danko shot her?)

From this we can figure these rules:

  • First and foremost, if you're from the future, you are very likely to be shot and fatally die. If you are a time traveller from the future. You will most certainly be shot and die. (This supercedes all other rules)
  • If you can regenerate, people shoot at you a lot.
  • If you can stop time or are around someone who can stop time, you get shot at a lot.
  • If you've worked in Isaac's loft, people don't want to shoot you
  • If you're old, people don't shoot at you, although lots of people threaten to
  • If you go to New Orleans, people quit trying to shoot at you. (Although if someone looks like someone who went to New Orleans, they're not protected)