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Amanda Grunwald
First appearance Chapter 2
In-story stats
Known ability Persuasion
Formal name Amanda Lee Grunwald
Age 22
Date of birth July 11, 1986
Place of birth Newington, Connecticut
Date of death 2009
Home San Diego, California
Residence Apartment
Occupation Primatech
Parent Daniel Grunwald (deceased)
Diane Grunwald
Grandparent Cora Karbonic
Edward Grunwald
Sibling Dylan Grunwald
Scott Grunwald
Garrett Anderson
Other relatives Cousins
Kenny King (deceased)
Shanetta King (deceased)

Amanda Grunwald was an evolved human with the ability of persuasion. She can get anything she wants by telling the person to give it to her while her voice echoes. She is the sister of Dylan, Garrett, and Scott and the daughter of Diane and Daniel. She layed low for a while but is now back in the fight against Garrett and Dillon.

She was killed by Dylan and Jin, while trying to protect the company.

Character History

Chapter 2-Amanda Grunwald is working at a humaine society in San Diego and is relaxing at the beach. Her mother calls and tells her that her father is dead and all of a sudden her phone loses signal. A unidentified man approaches her and asks her serious questions. She doesn't answer and tells the man to leave, and he obeys. She learns she has the ability of persuasion and uses it to get 500 dollars from a rich man. When she gets back to her apartment her friend Abby is dead and a man takes her away.

Evolved Human Abilities

Her ability has shown some limits. Garrett has been able to stop her persuasion from working on him.





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