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Choi Kyung
Ando masahashi.jpg
Portrayed by James Kyson Lee
First appearance Chapter 1
In-story stats
Known ability Crystal manipulation
Formal name Kyung Lee au Choi
Nickname Choi-Son
Age 17
Date of birth October 7, 1992
Place of birth China
Home China
Residence Southern Temple
Occupation Martial arts student
Parent Unknown (both deceased)
Guardian Master Katarr (deceased)
Other relatives Dylan Grunwald (best friend/unofficial brother)

Choi Kyung is a special with the ability to create and control all forms of crystal. He is the best friend and "brother" of Dylan Grunwald, and accompanies him on all of his journey, including the biggest yet, to find the Trinity Sphere. He is a good person, and a good friend, always helping Dylan when he's in need, and showing up at exactly the right time. He now lives with Dylan and Kendra at Southern Temple.

Evolved Human Abilities

Choi can manipulate and create every form of crystal. He can use it for attacking purposes, and can even create a crystal barrier to defend himself. He can also create a huge crystal, that he and others can fly on. He is an expert in Praying Mantis fighting style, being trained directly by Master Katarr, and is an expert with the broadsword, which he carries everywhere with him.