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* [[Jason Badower]] [ reported] that NBC was very specific about the name of the brewing company used in ''[[Road Kill]]''. Neither Jason nor [[Annette Kwok]] caught the reference. Had they known the brewery's name was a reference to NBC, they would have designed a different logo to put on the side of the truck.
* Brian Williams's name is misspelled "Brain". (''[[graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1|War Buddies, Part 1]]'')
* When [[Matt]] brings a [[turtle]] to [[JFK Airport]], the turtle's cage is lined with papers from GE {{epp|306}}. NBC is a subsidiary of [[Wikipedia:General Electric|General Electric]].

Image:Battlestar Galactica shirt.jpg|A [[male student]] at [[Union Wells]] wears a ''Battlestar Galactica'' shirt.
Image:Subtle self-advertising.JPG|Sylar rides in a [[Northeast Brewing Company truck]], or NBC truck.
Image:NBC in vortex.JPG|[[Hana]] [[EDT|sees]] the NBC logo among other electronic messages.
Image:NBC Nightly News.JPG|The television at [[Le Bar]] shows ''NBC Nightly News''...
Image:Brain Williams.JPG|...featuring Brian "Brain" Williams.
Image:Nathan's press conference.jpg|[[Nathan]] delivers his [[Nathan's press conference|press conference]] into MSNBC's microphone, among others.
Image:Universal Studios shirt.jpg|[[Usutu]]'s shirt is from Universal Studios.

==See Also==
==See Also==
* For references to NBC's television show ''Las Vegas'', see '''[[Las Vegas (TV series)|''Las Vegas'' (TV series)]]'''.
* For the American channel that airs [[Heroes]], see [[NBC]]

==External Links==
==External Links==
*[ NBC Homepage]
*[ Seven Homepage]
*[ NBC's ''Heroes'' Website]
*[ Seven's ''Heroes'' Website]


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Tristan0709/Channel 7
Channel seven.jpg

Channel Seven, or, simply 7, is the Australian television channel that airs Heroes.



Season One

Episode Airdate Airtime
January 31st, 2007 Genesis 8.30
10/02/06 Don't Look Back 8.30
10/09/06 One Giant Leap 8.30
10/16/06 Collision 8.30
10/23/06 Hiros 8.30
10/30/06 Better Halves 8.30
11/06/06 Nothing to Hide 8.30
11/13/06 Seven Minutes to Midnight 8.30
11/20/06 Homecoming 8.30
11/27/06 Six Months Ago 8.30
12/04/06 Fallout 8.30
01/22/07 Godsend 8.30
01/29/07 The Fix 8.30
02/05/07 Distractions 8.30
02/12/07 Run! 8.30
02/19/07 Unexpected 8.30
02/26/07 Company Man 8.30
03/05/07 Parasite 8.30
04/23/07 .07% 8.30
04/30/07 Five Years Gone 8.30
05/07/07 The Hard Part 8.30
05/14/07 Landslide 8.30
05/21/07 How to Stop an Exploding Man 8.30



See Also

  • For the American channel that airs Heroes, see NBC

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