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LOST is a science fiction television drama set on an island. There are many references to it throughout Heroes.



LOST's eighth episode of its second season was called Collision.


LOST's fifteenth episode of its first season was called Homecoming.

The Fix

Kaito's assistant hands Hiro a pamphlet for Gannon Car Rentals. This company appeared in the Lost episodes Raised by Another, Exodus, Part 1, Exodus, Part 2, Further Instructions, and Flashes Before Your Eyes.


Mohinder checks into Room 23 at


Sylar wakes up to find himself with Michelle on a mysterious island.



LOST features:

  • A main character called Claire.
  • An African-American man whose main storyline focuses on his son. (Michael and Walt Dawson)
  • A drug addict. (Charlie Pace)
  • A doctor who is the main protagonist early in the show. (Jack Shephard)
  • Two Asian characters whose dialogue is subtitled. (Sun and Jin Kwon)
  • A Spanish female introduced in the second season that was widely hated by fans and subsequently taken off the show. (Ana-Lucia Cortez)
  • A blonde female introduced in the second season that was killed. (Libby)
  • A fugitive. (Kate Austen)



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