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Twins and triplets
Photograph Alejandro and Maya.jpg
Maya and Alejandro Herrera are twins.

Some Heroes characters are twins or triplets.


Maya and Alejandro

Maya and Alejandro were twins. According to the curandera, Maya was born first. The two were most likely aged between 25 and 30, before Alejandro's death at the hands of Sylar. Maya and Alejandro had complementing abilities, with Alejandro being able to cure people, and Maya, when they were plagued with Maya's ability. Maya and Alejandro were played by two unrelated actors, Shalim Ortiz, and Dania Ramirez.

Niki, Tracy, and Barbara

Niki, Tracy, and Barbara were triplets. It is unknown who their biological parents were, nor what their surname is. The three were injected with abilities by Dr. Zimmerman, the man who delivered them. Niki was given enhanced strength, Tracy was given freezing, and it is unknown what ability Barbara got. Zimmerman believed Tracy to be Barbara when he first met her. Tracy was unaware of her sisters until Zimmerman informed her of them. Micah also believed Tracy to be his mother. It is unknown how much Hal Sanders knew about his daughter, or if Niki is actually of any relation to Jessica Sanders (Niki's sister). Niki originally couldn't deal with her ability and developed a split personality. Barbara most likely kept in contact with Zimmerman, and was also associated with The German. All three characters are portrayed by the same actress, Ali Larter.


<gallery> Image:Photograph_Alejandro_and_Maya.jpg|Maya shows Molly a photo of herself and Alejandro. Image:Maya_y_Alejandro.jpg|Maya and Alejandro are depicted together in a wanted poster. <gallery> Image:NikiSanders.jpg|Niki... Image:Mid Photo Promo 012.jpg|...Tracy... Image:Barbara.jpg|...and Barbara are all triplets. Image:Screenshot-18.png|Micah found a common link between Tracy and Niki. Image:The_woman_from_Angela%27s_dream.jpg| An incarnation of the triplets appears in Angela'sdream. <gallery>

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