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Dorian Sullivan
Dorian Sullivan.jpg
Portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum
In-story stats
Known ability Adrenaline boost
Formal name Dorian Jay Sullivan
Alias Tyler
Age 30
Date of birth 1979
Place of birth New York City
Home Los Angeles
Residence formerly a household in the Los Angeles suburbs
Occupations Unemployed/Drifter, formerly was a bouncer (Dorian's life)
Serial killer (Tyler's life)
Parents Micheal Sullivan (father)
Ulyssa Sullivan (mother, deceased)
Other relatives Lauren Sullivan (aunt, deceased)
Gregory Sullivan (uncle)
Henry Feldman (step-father, deceased)

Dorian Sullivan is an evolved human that is stricken with a violent split personality that makes him become into a socio-psychopathic, yet slightly cocky serial killer named Tyler. He possesses with the ability of an adrenaline boost, allowing him to become stronger through the use of adrenaline overflow into his bloodstream.


Dorian Sullivan was born in New York City to Micheal and Ulyssa Sullivan, and lived normal until his parents had divorced from each other when he was five years old. His mother would re-married to Henry Feldman, whom she and Dorian would find out that he was verbally abusive towards the both of them. This marked the start of Dorian's troubles. When Dorian entered junior school, he began to have trouble in school, as he was tormented by Daniel Oldman, a local bully. He would be pushed into lockers, shoved into toilets, and robbed of his money by Oldman and his loyal posse of his friends. This countinued until high school, which turned worse for Dorian since Oldman had a much frightful posse with him.

After coming from school where he would have encountered a rageful Oldman and his posse, he heard arguing from his mother's bedroom and when he entered saw his mother kill herself after she had witnessed Henry and Lauren, her own sister, caught in the act. Dorian, in blind rage, kills them both and is taken into custody by the police. The state sent him to a psychiatric hospital where he would be treated for his psychosis then over of the years he would be reformed and able to repressed his anger and rage.

When he became twenty one years of age, he was release from the psychiatric hospital and returned to normal life, although still under watch from the local police. In order to support himself, Dorian had gotten a job as a bouncer for a local bar and strip club. Everything was going swell for Dorian until 2007 when Dorian's repressed rage and anger began to emerge thus re-awaking from its hibernation. He would call this altar ego Tyler, which Dorian would credited from the novel and film Fight Club. During this period he would start to see his power in action as Tyler begins using it for his advantages.

As Tyler began to commit multiple serial murders, Dorian’s life started to fall apart, leaving him no choice to abandon his life and force to hide as Tyler's bodycount begin to rise.

Evolved Human Abilities


When his adrenaline boost is active, it sends an unsorted amounts of adrenaline flowing into his bloodstream. Due to the amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream, it allows him to perform incredible feats of unnatural strength, have boost of stamina that enables him to run more faster, and lets him heal better but not as much as a person with rapid cell regeneration. Until his adrenaline boost wears off or "shuts down", he is still able to shrug off most common injuries such as punches, kicks, and falling, albeit from smaller heights such as two story falls.

It's unknown how he'd gotten this power in the first place, as he does not believe in processing this power naturally. It is possible that Tyler may have gained this synthetically through a new, potent formula created elsewhere.


  • Dorian's latent personality of Tyler is that of a socio-psychopathic, slightly cocky killer while his normal personality that of a meek, non-violent man.
  • It is unknown how the switch of personalities occurs, but Dorian believes he has experience heavy blackouts moments before the initial switch of personalities.
  • While in his normal personality, Dorian experiences some mood changes caused from the after effect of Tyler gaining control.