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Years Gone

Years Gone is a fan fiction series by Unlikely Hiro depicting a continuation of the explosion future seen in the episode Five Years Gone.


I Had A Dream

A disoriented Claude meets with Nirand, who has a special (Sanjog Iyer) who wants to join the Fellowship. Suddenly, Claude finds himself at Kanyakumari, and it is revealed that he and Nirand are in a dream created by Sanjog...Claude is still on the airplane from the States. When they meet in the land of the living, Sanjog reveals that he has entered the dreams of a military official who is planning an attack on the main settlement of evolved humans in the United States, SG City.

The Way Things Are

Nirand meets with Mira Shenoy, and refuses to divulge his findings. Meanwhile, Claude schools Sanjog in the tough life that's ahead for him if he moves to America.

The Name of Evil

The Face of Evil

Border Troubles

Escape and a Meeting

Trouble In India

The Guy In Charge

Paint Me A Picture


The Pursuit

Strange Encounters

Be On Target



Peter visits Kane in Tibet, and they discuss how Sylar escaped death a second time.

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Chapter one can be read [here].

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